We must end Lamont’s executive powers


Once again, Governor Ned Lamont is calling for another six months of executive power. The Democratic leadership will hold an extraordinary session before the end of July to decide whether Lamont fulfills his wish.

As the number of COVID-19 has dropped dramatically and a growing majority of Connecticut’s population has been vaccinated, why does the governor still need emergency executive power? The state has lifted mask restrictions, closed several vaccination sites, allowed businesses to open completely. What is the justification for an additional six months of unilateral power? One newspaper headline even quoted the governor as saying “we’re getting our mojo back”. If he really believes it, why does he keep asking for emergency powers?

Some insist that extension of executive power is needed to enforce the executive order requiring children to wear masks – even though new research reveals this increases the levels of carbon dioxide inhaled by children to unhealthy levels. It’s time to make the masking decisions where they belong – to local school boards or, better yet, to parents.

The Connecticut government operates like the federal government does: with three co-equal branches of government. The three must work together for our government to function properly.

It’s time to make those branches equal again. Now that the pandemic is under control and life is returning to normal, our government should do the same.

Any emergency surrounding the pandemic has ended, as have the governor’s executive powers. It is time for state officials and senators to vote “no” to any extension and return to co-equal government.

Patrick sasser


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