Uma Musume Pretty Derby will be released in Taiwan on June 27, 2022

Pretty derby Uma Musume is a mobile power supply simulation game developed by Cygames. Players begin the game by choosing a racehorse, then gradually build a team by choosing six support characters. After a successful run in the Japanese market with huge profits, now Uma Musume Pretty Derby is set to release in Taiwan on June 27, 2022.

Uma Musume Pretty Derby is set to conquer the Taiwanese market

Uma Musume Pretty Derby has been responsible for creating a storm in the Japanese game market. The title of the game literally translates to Horse Girls and the plot of the series revolves around legendary racing horses who are reincarnated as female pop icons (called idols) in a parallel universe. Uma Musume Pretty Derby revived the indigenous video game storyline in Japan by creating a social media sensation and rising to the top of the charts in the Japanese gaming market.

Image via Cygames

Since its release in 2021, Uma Musume Pretty Derby has been hitting the horns with the giants of the game industry As Genshin Impact and PUBGthe game was so popular that it stayed in the top 10 for months despite being exclusive to Japan.

Komoe Technologyin charge of services in Taiwan, officially announced that Uma Musume Pretty Derby will be released in Taiwan on June 27, 2022. They also revealed that the game has exceeded 600,000 pre-registrations, to celebrate this milestone the Star Dash3 ticket would be paid to all pre-registered users upon game launch.

Uma Musume Pretty Derby has so far been exclusive to Japan, but since the Taiwan release date was finalized for June 27, expectations are at an all-time high. With the huge success of Japan as a backdrop, things can only get better for Uma Musume Pretty Derby and we can expect to see the game expand to new regions. Users can keep up to date with all the information by visiting the official website or following the official social media handles.

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