Thus, a gaming mattress is launched in Japan for gamers



It's a Bauhutte play mattress.

Here is a play mattress.
Picture: Bauhütte

There are gaming chairs, gaming keyboards, and energy drinks for games. It’s all old hat! In Japan there are now mattresses for players.

That’s right, play mattresses! The Japanese Bauhutte has made a name for himself selling loungewear for gamers, as well as gaming desks, chairs and even beds. The last element added to its range is the play mattress.

According to Famitsu, the slightly firm foam mattress provides the support needed for a restful sleep after a day of play. It’s even seemingly ideal for laying down during the day and for playing, which, last time I checked, was just fine. pretty much all beds.

Bauhutte roped Japanese mattress maker Nishikawa, a company that dates back 455 years, for this play mattress, so I guess it’s a quality product. There are slits in the foam throughout the mattress to provide varying degrees of support.

This is how you use a play mat. Apparently.

A play mat in use.
Picture: Bauhütte

Okay, so Bauhutte already has an elaborate play bed configuration. Adding a mattress makes sense, right? I guess, but I imagine any good mattress would do.

Bauhutte offers it in three sizes: single, semi-double, and double, with prices ranging from 28,500 yen ($ 256) to 43,500 yen ($ 391). The mattress cover can be removed and cleaned, and the mattress can be rolled up for storage.

But it might be the next thing! Lots of people have gaming chairs and swear by them, and maybe are play beds the way of the future?

Here is the GAMING MATTRESS from Bauhutte.

See? This is really what is called the PLAY MATTRESS.
Picture: Bauhütte

At 2 channels, Japan’s largest bulletin board, people didn’t seem impressed. “It has nothing to do with the game,” wrote one commentator. Others pointed out that the cheap mattresses were fine and that it looked like a regular Nishikawa mattress.

“For it to be a gaming product,” noted one 2ch commentator, “it really has to be enlightened.”


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