The legacy of motorsport in Japan: GT Sport Daily Races with December 27, 2021

As we approach the end of 2021 and the 49e article on With GT Sport’s daily online racing schedule ranked by Traxion.GG, it’s time to think about what makes the Japanese racing scene so vibrant.

There’s Suzuka for one. The International Racing Course opened in 1962 and is run by the wonderfully esoteric Mobilityland Corporation, a subsidiary of Honda. It was the home of Japanese Grand Prix on four and two wheels, WTCC / WTCR events, Super GT, Super Formula, World Sports Car Championship and in 1996-7 even NASCAR exhibition events.

But what is a Honda owned race track with a Toyota rival? The Fuji International Speedway is just that. Originally owned by Mitsubishi, it was bought by the Toyoda family in 2000. It has also hosted the best motorsport championships and Formula 1 races in Japan, but over the years its profile has changed a lot. more meaningful than Suzuka.

Finally, there’s Polyphony Digital, the creators of the Gran Turismo game series – also following developers and owners in its own way. Take Kyoto Driving Park, for example, a fictional location located in the ancient capital of Japan on the island of Honshu.

With all three sites in this week’s Gran Turismo Sport playlist, it’s a tribute to the East Asian nation’s illustrious racing pedigree.

Race A uses not only the most legendary of Japanese venues, Suzuka, but the first Japanese supercar – a Honda NSX.

Not just any NSX either, but the 1992 Type R. That means you can recreate a video that generates fever among car enthusiasts. Ayrton Senna, flying around the same track in this same car. The only extra item you need for an authentic experience is a set of brown moccasins…

Honda NSX-R 1992 Suzuka

The second racing option is at the Yamagiwa II, reverse reading, variant of the aforementioned fictional Kyoto driving park. Any Gr.3 car from your garage is allowed, so to stay with the Japanese this week we went with the Toyota FT-1 VGT.

If you want something that’s probably going to be a bit faster, the GR Supra Racing Concept should do the trick, but it looks clunky in comparison.

Toyota FT-1 VGT

Rounding out the latest series of online races we have Fuji Speedway and any Gr.1 car of your choice. We go for the old-fashioned brute force provided by the Nissan R92CP – all 938 BHP.

13 laps make a long race, and the wear of the 7x tires with the mandatory use of two compounds will make this one also strategically important.

Nissan Nissan R92CP Gr.1 Fuji

Full details for each race are below, and the playlist will reset on Monday, January 3, 2022. A reminder, Gran Turismo 7 is just around the corner – check out our review of the recent trailer.

Race A

Auto: N300 – Honda NSX Type R ’92
Track: Suzuka Circuit
Tours: Three
Number of cars: 12
Duration: 15 minutes
Tires: Medium Sport
Fuel consumption: Nothing
Tire wear: Nothing
Departure type: Start of the grid

Race B

Auto: Gr.3, all
Tours: Five
Number of cars: 16
Duration: 15 minutes
Tires: Average Stroke
Fuel consumption: Nothing
Tire wear: Nothing
Departure type: Rolling start

Race C

Auto: Gr.1, all
Track: Fuji International Racing Circuit
Tours: 13
Number of cars: 20
Duration: 25 minutes
Tires: Racing Soft and Racing Medium, mandatory use of both
Fuel consumption: 2x
Tire wear: 7x
Departure type: Rolling start

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