The Dropdown: New from Mejuri x Claude Home, Ghia, Baina x Lesse, and More | Architectural Summary

Welcome to another edition of The Drop List, where we self-proclaimed shopaholics give you a look at some of the most anticipated releases and intriguing launches from the past few weeks. We hope you’ll think of it as a one-stop-shop for discovering your favorite new brand, emerging designer, or fun collaboration right off the bat. (And, if you fancy even more clever content, don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter.)

May 21, 2022 – Hot sleepers rejoice: the bedding brand beloved by both Oprah and business writer Audrey Lee has just released the ultimate sheet set to keep you cool all summer long. A few weeks ago, Cozy Earth launched its new bamboo-based sleep essential: Linen and Bamboo Sheets. Crafted from a strategic blend of 70% bamboo and 30% linen, this ultralight set reflects the lived-in look of linen with the oh-so-soft feel of bamboo fabric for a perfectly comfortable and airy night’s rest.

Cozy Earth Linen Sheet Set

May 23, 2022 – Say goodbye to tangled chains and misplaced earrings. For their latest collab, Mejuri teamed up with Claude Home’s Maggie Holladay to house your jewelry in the chicest way possible. Drawing inspiration from organic influences like river-softened stones and zen gardens, each natural stone stand has a modular design, so they can be nested inside each other to create a playful tabletop aesthetic.

Image may contain: sink faucet

Mejuri x Claude Home Arch Vessel

May 23, 2022 – Here’s a collaboration worth a helping hand: New York-based accessories line Kara has teamed up with designer John Sohn on a capsule of pillows that we think would make a delightfully cheeky addition to your decor. Offered in crystal mesh, repurposed leather and recycled denim, each handmade pillow is one of a kind and assembled using materials seen in the Kara summer collection, perfect for the tastemaker who loves cohesion between her wardrobe and the design of her home.

Image may contain: clothes and clothes

KARA x John Sohn Recycled Denim Hand Cushion

May 23, 2022 – If you want to bring even more zen energy to the beach this season, we recommend using Ozma’s limited-edition towel to do just that. Designed in collaboration with textile designer Lena Corwin, we love that the embossed peace towel is woven from 100% cotton and made using the Jacquard process, which means you can enjoy the beautiful pattern in two color palettes. different colors, depending on which side you look at.

Image may contain: clothing, human, person, Ama Lou and fashion

Ozma x Lena Corwin Peace Towel

May 24, 2022 – For anyone looking to shake up their caffeine intake, Swoon and Chamberlain Coffee are here to deliver a shot of energy in the form of their new matcha lemonade. Combining Grade A ceremonial matcha with Swoon’s freshly squeezed lemonade, these refreshing cans are the perfect complement for days at the beach and trips to the park all summer long.

Image may contain: tin, aluminum, food, can and can

Swoon x Chamberlain Coffee Matcha Lemonade

May 24, 2022 – The Canna-goodies brand Molly J. has just released a new collection of gumballs that are there to provide a sweet remedy for the dreaded hangovers the next day. Developed by a team of certified nutrition scientists and licensed healthcare professionals, the brand’s new Tangerine Spritz Revive Gumballs infuse high-quality CBD with restorative nutrients like potassium, magnesium and DHM, a rare Japanese root used to relieve hangovers for centuries.

Image may contain: confectionery, food, candy and box

Molly J. Revive Hangover Box

May 24, 2022 – We think Ordinary Habit’s new mini-puzzles are the perfect way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon or maybe even the next family vacation. This quaint pool scene by Joanne Hendrickx is a seasonal pick, though this brand’s ramen lover’s option is another delicious standout.

Image may contain: building, architecture and outdoor

Royal Mansour Ordinary Habit Jigsaw Puzzle by Joanne Hendrickx

May 25, 2022Prime features 107 artists born since 1980, chosen by a new generation of art experts and leaders from institutions such as the Baltimore Museum of Art, MoMA, Tate Modern and more. In conclusion to this illustrated survey which includes a biography of each artist as well as a sample of their work, Prime is a book that is as fun to flip through as it is to look at on your coffee table.

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Prime, the new generation of art

May 25, 2022 – By popular demand, Ghia introduced its delicious chocolate-hazelnut spread Ghianduja to its regular range of delicious offerings last week. After selling over 2,000 jars over the holidays, the chocolate hazelnut spread we’d love to incorporate into all of our meals is back in full force. Made from hazelnuts, organic cane sugar, extra virgin olive oil and cocoa powder, we think this treat is the perfect answer to naked toast, frozen desserts or some classic homemade pancakes.

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May 26, 2022 – If you can’t wait to pull out your tired sponge cloths, you’re in luck. Baina (an Ashley Tisdale favorite) and Lesse teamed up on a gorgeous bath towel in this serene color palette of mist and salt (Lesse’s signature colorway). Designed to bring a sense of tranquility to your grooming routine, we can’t imagine a better treat than snuggling up in one of these luxuriously absorbent towels after a bath or shower.

Image may contain: home decor, clothing, towel, towel, human and person

May 31, 2022 – Last but not least, Kotn also recently launched an exciting new bath collection to bring a facelift to your toilet. True to the brand’s ethos of turning routine into ritual, this first-ever line of bathware from Kotn includes sets of plush, absorbent bath towels made from 100% Egyptian cotton terry velor as well as Hammam Towels: Lightweight, quick-drying traditional Egyptian designs. handcrafted by artisans in the Akhmim region of Egypt.

Image may contain: bath towel and towel

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