Stylish 2022 calendars are real page turners

Why are many of us still drawn to paper calendars in the digital age?

Karen Hernandez, senior product manager at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, has theories.

First, we can feel “more intimately connected with our plans and derive increased joy from organizing our tasks, when we can physically follow them on analog schedules,” she says.

Additionally, “these calendars can express our style and bring beauty to otherwise monotonous days. Not only does the act of writing the event stay in our minds more permanently, but we can also use the timeline for creative self-expression. “

There are a variety of beautiful and creative calendars available in bookstores and online sites to mark the months or weeks of 2022 with photos, illustrations, quotes, cartoons, puzzles and more. Extra bonus: you can frame your favorite images after each month.

A sample of the novelties:

Artistic agendas

A stunning desk calendar called “City”, at MoMA by Japanese studio Good Morning, features 3D cityscapes of Tokyo, New York and Paris. Lock shapes onto the supplied display stand to showcase the 12 monthly calendars and skylines.

Fans of modern depictions of birds and animals by artist Charley Harper will want either the 12 x 13 inch or 6 x 14 inch studio wall calendars, featuring some of Harper’s most striking works.

Lovers of all things vintage will be delighted with one of Paper Source’s Vintage Cats, Dogs, Birds, Travel, Maps or Cocktails desk calendars, featuring framed artwork from the Cavallini & Co paper product archive. .

Planning for pop culture

On and other retailers, find a “Descendants” calendar featuring characters from the Disney Villains Teenage TV series. There are also Batman, Wonder Woman and “Frozen II” calendars.

Fans of “Bridgerton” will want a wall calendar (Universe / Rizzoli) with all of the steamy, dull, dreamy characters from the Netflix series.

There are also calendars for “Outlander” (Sellers Publishing), and for fans of “Mandalorian”, calendars with portraits of all the actors of the series in costume, or the one that only features The Child, in photos and in illustrated forms (Trends International Calendars).

There’s a dedicated New York Times mini-crossword calendar at Workman Publishing, which also features calendars on the topic of social media favorites like cute squirrels, pets, and unusual animal friends.

Outdoor organization

Another example of Good Morning’s cute papercraft: their popout bird calendar kit, featuring six birds including a pelican, crested kingfisher and cardinal. Fold the easy-to-assemble tabs and the birds stand up on their own.

In the MoMA store there is also a safari animal version, featuring a rhino, giraffe, gorilla, deer, bear and camel in pop-up form.

Wheelchair travelers might enjoy a calendar from the National Geographic Collection (Simon & Schuster). The photographs focus on islands, castles and houses and national parks.

The parks can also be found in the beautiful printed archive calendar of Cavallini & Co., at Paper Source. Or choose Arboretum, with detailed illustrations of trees.

Those who prefer a desk calendar might like Paper Source’s large blotter with plenty of writing space in each pad. Each month’s page is edged with a seasonal floral print.

Show times

The Playbill Store is celebrating the return of Broadway with a 2022 schedule featuring some of the Theater District’s favorite musicals, like “Chicago”, “Come From Away” and “Dear Evan Hansen”. Fans of “Hamilton” may want the daily wall or desk calendar with photos, lyrics, and historical facts.

Schedules for thinkers

The “30 Second Mysteries” calendar (Simon & Schuster) would be fun for anyone who gorges on thrillers. A quick rundown of each case, mystery, and clues from the worlds of history, science, celebrity, and everyday life can be digested in half a minute – then the answer is on the back.

For history fans, this History Channel Day in History 2022 will be a mine of interesting facts.

Bibliophiles and writers alike may love Mental Floss online magazine’s “The Curious Reader” calendar, complete with anecdotes and fun facts about writers and literary works. What really happened the day “War of the Worlds” aired across the country? What did Hemingway say when he won the Nobel Prize for Literature? The daily calendar is a wealth of information for readers.

Learn new (old) words with “Forgotten English” (Sellers Publishing), a tear-off daily calendar of archaic and obscure words like “womblety-cropt”, which in the 1850s described a tipsy individual, with a historical reference and word use. It contains anecdotes on, among other things, the history of the fork, medieval festivals and how Paris was redesigned.

Agendas for makers

“The Martha Manual” Tear-Out Daily Calendar features Martha Stewart’s organizing, cleaning, decorating, and cooking tips, such as how to soften butter, use leftover egg whites, or paint a wall. .

“Life Hacks 2022” (Andrews McMeel) provides daily tips and tricks for managing everything from cooking to tech to personal care.

And amateur athletes would opt for the “Complete Runner’s Daily Diary 2022 Planner Calendar” (Simon & Schuster) a planner and connect all in one. There are inspiring monthly trials, helpful tips, and plenty of room to track your runs.

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