ServiceNow: Changing the sales game in Japan

“ServiceNow has the potential to change the world,” says Kentaro K., a Tokyo-based customer workflow solutions sales specialist at the company. He considers himself something of an evangelist, helping clients transform their businesses using Now Platform®.

It’s an exciting time for Kentaro and his colleague, Solution Consultant Miyuki M. Both are witnessing opportunities for employee and customer growth in Japan.

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“This year I have a few big companies on my radar,” Kentaro says. These companies are some of the biggest and most well-known in the area, so why wouldn’t he sue them? “I’m trying to change the vision of the industry, because we’re selling something that’s completely innovative, super new, and I’m very passionate about that.”

A smooth transition

Kentaro started working at ServiceNow in September 2020, during the pandemic. His professional experience includes 10 years with a major music entertainment company and five years with one of the world’s top three advertising agencies. The transition from advertising to IT sales was smooth for him as he always worked to ensure the success of his clients.

At ServiceNow, he shows how our products make customers’ jobs and needs easier. “Now I sell customer service management,” he says. “What we’re trying to do through this product makes a lot of sense for what Japanese customers need for their businesses, and that’s what drives me every day.”

United as a team

Like Kentaro, Miyuki didn’t have a long career in sales before joining ServiceNow. “Actually, I was a systems engineer and I never thought I wanted to oversee sales,” she explains. “My boss at my previous job scouted me, and that’s where I started my career.”

Miyuki has been at ServiceNow since 2019 and got a little taste of office life before the lockdowns started. Although the sales team in Japan is still dispersed and works in various locations, they say it is a unified team. “I feel like the sales team in Japan has a unique culture of helping each other, respecting and trusting each other.”

This culture and Miyuki’s work ethic are closely aligned with ServiceNow’s commitment to helping employees live their best lives, do their best work, and together fulfill the company’s purpose to make the world a better place. for everyone. She says she needs to prioritize her work and focus on her personal and team goals. “If I get my priorities wrong, I won’t be able to do my best.”

Miyuki’s work is constantly evolving. One day, she can prepare demos and make proposals. The next day, she organizes practical workshops to discover the weak points of the customers.

A solid start

Miyuki was also part of the ServiceNow Solution Consulting Academy, a six-month program designed to help accelerate a pre-sales career. While at the academy, she attended product trainings and presentations such as Value Selling and Storytelling with other members.

After a few months, she was giving practical presentations and doing demonstrations on her own. “I am a person who wants to improve my strengths to overcome my weaknesses, and this program has given me the confidence to be an excellent solutions consultant.”

Although the new Japan sales team members who joined during the pandemic have yet to meet in person, they are united in their goal to make a meaningful impact on business in Japan. “Our teamwork is now more efficient than ever, and I understand that the more I know and learn about our technology, the more I think it’s a game-changer,” says Kentaro.

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