Rhythm game Cho Aniki released for iOS/Android in Japan

Japanese web development company LIG released Dance of Cho Aniki (ダンシング・オブ・超兄貴) on iOS and Android in Japan as a free-to-play title. It’s a casual rhythm game based on the Cho Aniki shoot ’em up series. Players can play music tracks from the series, such as Sexy Dinamite and Doitsu Jin German (Deutsch German), as well as other tracks provided by various companies and composers.

Dance of Cho Aniki is a simple four-way rhythm game where players try to hit the notes in time with the music. Iconic characters from the series, such as Samson, Adon, Idaten, Benten and Uminin, will dance along with the track. They are modeled in 3D for the first time and their movement intensifies as the track becomes more complex. You can customize their appearance using cosmetic items obtained from in-game gacha.

The first one Cho Aniki The game was released in 1992 for the PC Engine system and has become a long-running series with a cult following. The series is known for featuring beefy characters, absurd humor, and much-loved soundtracks. The first game’s soundtrack, composed by Koji Hayama, is particularly popular with fans. With a rich array of music tracks available in the series, it makes sense that the developer decided to make a rhythm game out of it.

Dance of Cho Aniki is now available on iOS and Android in Japan. The official site can be found here. The LIG developer notes that it is open to collaboration with other IPs.

written by. Ryuki Ishii

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