Pokémon: 8 canceled games you didn’t know about

Pokemon is the world’s largest games franchise. This series released by Nintendo has allowed fans to collect fun monsters since the mid-90s. Just like Nintendo’s flagship character Mario, however, not all of them. Pokemon titles hit the market. But unlike Mario, the amount we know canceled Pokemon games are incredibly low.

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It makes sense that we know so little about the canceled Poképrojects. Nintendo would like to keep its biggest cash cow a secret. Pokemon has several unlocalized titles and well-known beta versions, but truly canceled projects are rare. But browsing through the archives, there is evidence of some weird quirks in Pikachu’s backyard that never saw the light of day.

8 Pikachu: DS technical demo

An image of Pokemon playing on a DS

Has anyone ever wanted to shoot Pikachu like it’s Mario’s face from Super mario 64? Well in the years 2004 Pikachu: DS Tech Demo, players could do just that. This tech demo showed that E3 has a lot in common with the game Hi you, Pikachu!. Eventually, a light version of the game was incorporated into Pokemon Hyphenthe title screen of.

But this title screen lacked most of the functionality. While Pokemon Pikachu unfortunately couldn’t do all he could in other spin-offs, the devs added some cool stuff. The full version of the game had a drawing client and a minigame where Pikachu fished a Magikarp. It also featured instruments that Pikachu could play, such as a guitar and a xylophone. This game had a lot more features than the version on Hyphenthe title screen of which only allows you to shoot Pikachu’s cheeks and ears.

seven The suites of generation VI

An image of Pikachu hiding behind a person's leg in Pokemon

Generation VI Pokemon the titles are somewhat infamous for their lack of follow-up. While the Generation received remakes of Generation III titles, true successors to the main entries of Pokemon X and Pokemon Yes never materialized. The hypothetical Pokémon Z became a cryptid for the fandom, as there was a Legendary Pokemon that began with the letter Z. And indeed, thanks to leaks last year, fans know that sequels were in the works at some point.

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The leak reveals a loophole in the code that two possible games could fit into. This suggests a situation closer to Pokemon Black 2 and Pokémon White 2 than the hypothetical Pokémon Z. It is possible that these games were canceled for many reasons, such as the terrorist attacks in Paris around this time (and Kalos being an ersatz of France). Nevertheless, Pokemon fans still hope that one day these sequels will be revealed and bring a conclusion to the ideas and concepts of Generation VI.


6 Pocket Monsters RPG

An image of Squirtle in the game Pokemon Pocket Monsters

The title of this canceled game may seem strange, as all Pokemon the games are traditional RPGs. This may be due to the fact that he was first mentioned in an interview with Shigeru Miyamoto, who didn’t have much practical experience with the Pokemon series. He claimed the game was a traditional turn-based game that would be released on N64, but may not be released in the West. This has led some people to think that it could have been for the Japanese exclusive Nintendo 64 DD.

However, fans don’t have many concrete details about Pocket Monsters RPG. Some people think it’s possible that it turned into Pokémon Stadium Where Pokémon Colosseum Games. But that seems unlikely considering its only other mention in an IGN listing lists it alongside Stadium. In any case, it’s no surprise that this game ended up disappearing. In the interview with Miyamoto, he mentioned that he has a very small team.

5 Pokémon Pink Version

An image of two pink Pokémon

Pokemon Pink is one of the more elusive games as it has never appeared in any official capacity. Neither Game Freak nor Nintendo have ever officially recognized it. But fans got a little glimpse of its existence in Nintendo’s 2020 source code leak. The code refers to a companion game of Pokemon Yellow who never existed called Pokemon Pink, break the pattern of the third companion game early on.

Pokemon Pink Clefairy is believed to be his signature Pokémon, because he was once considered the mascot of the franchise. However, Jigglypuff was also possible due to its prevalence in funny scenes in the Pokemon lively. Ultimately, it’s unclear why this game was discontinued, but it’s possible that it was seen as a waste of time and resources to create four games on the same map. Whatever reason that ended up being, Pokemon surely would have been different if Pokémon Pink had been released.

4 Titles Pokémon Gray / Pokémon Brand

An image of a black and white Pokemon

These are the most underground tracks of the Pokemon library, without exception. This is because all the fans know about these games, if they are even games, these are their titles. It’s possible, however, that most of these titles were tabled not because they were in development, but so Game Freak could preemptively claim them if they decided to make them. These titles are Pokémon Topaz, Tourmaline, Moonstone, Brown, Gray, Vermilion, Purple, Carmine, and Scarlet.

Ironically, some Pokemon fan projects share names with some of these titles. But, without a doubt, the most interesting is Gray Pokemon, which is thought to have possibly started development. Pokemon Black 2 and Pokémon White 2 broke the mold when it comes to the Pokémon title sequel and was originally believed to have been a game titled Gray Pokemon. Pokemon Developer Junichi Masuda even dropped his name Gray Pokemon explaining why they decided to do two titles instead.

3 PokéPark: DS Fishing Rally

An image of the Pokepark fishing rally logo

PokéPark: DS Fishing Rally was technically released, but only in Japan. But what makes it fit the criteria for unreleased games is the way it’s been distributed. Players could acquire this game as a demo at kiosks at the PokéPark theme park. A demo of the game would be downloaded to the player’s DS and would be deleted once they turned off your DS. As such, no full version of this game has ever existed.

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This fishing game called itself a demo. Despite this, it seemed somewhat complete; with a river where you can fish twenty-five different Pokémon. This game ended up being distributed to places other than the theme park, but it stuck Pokemonis the first fully digital game. Alas, no full version ever came, and fans can no longer download the demo anywhere.

2 Meowth party

An image of Meowth playing the guitar in Pokemon

Meowth party was a tech demo for the Gamecube revealed at Spaceworld 2000. Unlike many other tech demos, Meowth party was intended to become a complete game. This makes sense, as this was one of the only interactive demos on display. However, it doesn’t appear that development for this title has ever started.

Meowth party featured the seventh anime ending theme that shared the name. Meowth is a very popular Pokemon in the anime, which is why it’s surprising that he didn’t make a game’s front page. The game featured a Meowth with a guitar moved on a stage while it was performing. Similar functionality has been included in the game Pokemon Channel. We don’t know if this Pokemon Channel bonus was the ultimate fate of Meowth party.

1 Picross pokemon

A cover image of Pokemon Picross

According to the typical definition of “canceled game”, Picross pokemon is really the only one Pokemon game to fit. This game is one of the only ones to have been officially announced and subsequently canceled. Advertised in several gaming magazines in 1999, it featured several nonogram puzzles with Pokemon characters. It was slated for release on Game Boy and Game Boy Color but never materialized.

But in 2015, the same developer, Jupiter Corporation, released Picross pokemon on Nintendo 3DS. This game was free, had 300 puzzles, and is considered one of the best Pokemon derivative securities. It’s amazing that sixteen years later, a picross game with Pokémon has finally been released. However, the game is definitely different from the old Game Boy version, which was supposed to be Game Boy Camera compatible. As such, this version remains its own separate game and one of the few truly canceled Pokemon Games.

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