Persona quizzes and exams aren’t helping the franchise

Character Games can generally be divided into two parts. In the first part, players control a protagonist in their everyday life as a Japanese high school student. It involves doing activities like studying, spending time with friends, and occasionally accepting strange requests from strangers. The second part is more fantastical and sees players battle supernatural beings called Shadows to make the world (or at least the town they live in) a better place. Whatever part of the Character formula that players love, the two are integral.


The segments of the daily life of Character The games may seem boring compared to the action-packed shadow fights, but they offer players a chance to learn more about the game world and those who inhabit it. This causes them to become attached to said world, which further strengthens their resolve to fight off the otherworldly Shadows. But seeing how being a high school kid isn’t all fun and games, one of the worst parts of Character the games should be the quizzes and exams that players are forced to take.

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Social stats in Persona

Persona 3, 4and 5 all have social stat meters that measure the protagonists’ characteristics. This includes qualities such as Courage, Understanding, Diligence, and Skill – all of which have levels that provide the protagonist with certain benefits. A high skill stat in personas 5, for example, will allow Joker to craft more hooks to use inside hostile palaces. Social stats can be improved by doing activities that correspond to them. Working in a flower shop after school in personas 5 gives Joker a chance to interact with customers for example, increasing his cuteness stat.

The social stat system feeds on itself when one stat allows players to unlock activities that match other stats. Using the same florist example, personas 5 players can only unlock part-time work if they have a Charm stat of 2 or higher. This means discovering as much content as possible, Character players must spend time doing activities that increase different social stats. Those who love Character games for their combat should also not ignore increasing their social stats, as certain levels are required to advance the confidence levels of allies, which in turn allows them to create better character fusions and unlock new skills.

Quizzes don’t teach Persona players anything

Knowledge is one of the few social statistics that has been present in all Character games with the system. It governs the academic wealth of the protagonists and, as such, the most common means of increasing knowledge (or scholars in Persona 3) study or get the correct answer to quizzes and exams. When the players choose to study, a cutscene is triggered and the protagonist begins their homework. Sometimes the protagonist will be with one or more of his friends, allowing them to deepen their relationship at the same time. After the cutscene ends, a text prompt and a small beep means the knowledge stat has been increased.

Quizzes and exams are different. They present players with random questions to answer, most of which are multiple-choice. Choosing the correct answer increases a social stat, while getting it wrong grants players nothing. “Random” is the key word here, as the questions asked rarely have anything to do with the game. A class question in Persona 4 asks players what the world’s first economic bubble was called. Unless players already have this information in mind, the only way to get the correct answer is to research it online.

personas 5 increased the number of scenarios that ask random questions. Crossword puzzles and game shows give players more opportunities to improve their social stats, but the questions continue to have nothing to do with the game itself. This question/answer system Character the games practically force players to search for a guide to maximize their limited time. Character the titles pride themselves on being time management games, and players might prefer to spend their time on other activities that don’t involve studying.

To move forward, it would be preferable that Character games had better questions for their quizzes and exams. These can be questions that require general knowledge or are related to the game. personas 5 deepening the characters of the main characters – something that will probably interest players more. Character games do a great job of immersing players in their world, so asking them about it instead of making players default to a search engine would keep the immersion going.

Persona 5 Royal is available now on PlayStation 4. It will be released on PC, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S on October 21, 2022.

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