Our dumbest gaming moments

At Siliconera, we are not really for Things — after all, we are an information site! — but April Fool’s Day is always the perfect time to be a little silly. So let’s talk about our craziest gaming moments! When in games have you made the biggest mistakes? Or forgot obvious solutions? Here are some of our weak points.

i love speedrunning resident Evil Games. specifically Evil resident 0! And anyone familiar with the infamous “one shot” or “instakill” enemies within the franchise can probably already predict what that insane moment could be.

I was running the no-save category with knife only, well aware that there was a chance a frog would completely end the run. Which turned out to be potentially my personal record! Lo and behold… I risked crossing a bridge where one of these infamous enemies spawns, and lost my entire sub-two-hour run to being eaten by a frog.

It could have been completely avoided too! Now I am much more careful when running the game. — Kazuma

I probably get a whole new insane gaming moment every time I turn on a console. I got rid of extremely valuable items because I mashed the X button out of impatience, bought region locked items without considering if I could even use them, and completely failed math puzzles. You name it, I probably managed to do it somehow!

But the one that stood out to me the most was when I was in seventh grade. I started a new Final Fantasy X save the file to test my friend’s claim that you could somehow defeat Geosgaeno when you first meet him. (Spoiler alert: you can’t.) “Oh, that didn’t work. Maybe I’ll try again,” I thought, so I went to a save point and started overwriting X as usual, only to save a file I had that was right at the last dungeon. Cue me losing a year’s worth of progress.

I did not beat FFX until the remaster! I was just too shocked by it. You would imagine then, after such a horrible accident, that I no longer mash buttons so quickly in menu screens. Unfortunately? I still do. — Stephanie

Later, I would learn that unequipping Jagen is a pretty popular strategy!  Probably not like that, though.

I like to think of myself as a careful and methodical person. (Maybe because of a foul?) But I had my insane game moments when I was younger. One that sticks to my skin? My first piece of a Japanese fire emblem Game. I had just picked up my first Super Famicom imports, including a copy of Mystery of the emblem, and I wanted to play! What if, uh, I hadn’t learned a lot of Japanese yet? I can understand menus!

So I started the first map. And I moved my units from the east side of Talys to the enemies to the west. I accompanied Jagen to the first enemy – he arrived the fastest – and selected a weapon to attack. Except… nothing happened? So I tried again, this time using the other weapon as it was the only option. Nothing more happened! Because… I was throwing them instead of attacking with them.

I waited a few years (and took a few Japanese lessons) before trying again. — Graham

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