NYT Crossword Answers: 1968 Cassin’s Nobel Peace Prize

FRIDAY PUZZLE – The fastest path to my heart is through my stomach. I’m talking a lot about food in this column, so it probably won’t surprise anyone that I let out a pretty loud cry when I got to 48A in Joe DiPietro’s puzzle.

It’s not just because the entry is about Japanese cuisine. Sushi and the fish that goes with it appear frequently in crossword puzzles, but some dishes aren’t as well-known. My favorite is the CHIRASHI, where sashimi, vegetables, and sometimes eggs are scattered over a bed of rice.

I’m not pretentious when I say I enjoy this lesser-known dish. My love really comes from a feeling of frugality because you get a much better assortment of fish for your money than an order of nigiri sushi.

“Look how much money I’m saving,” I say to no one in particular, as I eat a huge bowl of food. My brain knows I’m wrong, but it’s been kind enough not to say it. Fish is the brain’s food, after all, and my brain appreciates the boost.

Either way, the reason for that loud scream is the start of CHIRASHI in the New York Times crossword. After years of “ahi” entries, I finally feel seen. So thank you, Mr. DiPietro.

Oh, that’s right, the puzzle. There are nine beginnings, and they’re all alive. And the clue elicited quite a bit of sniffling from me (when I wasn’t screaming). It’s a great warm-up for weekend puzzles.

Speaking of weekend puzzles …

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1A. BED IN A BAG is pretty much what it says minus the bed frame and mattress. It’s a clear plastic bag filled with matching sheets, pillow cases, and sometimes a bed skirt, so you can easily decorate your sleeping space.

10A. TIL (Today I learned) that the word MALAR means “from or relating to the cheek or side of the head”. It is also the name of an inferior deity in the “Forgotten Realms” video game.

32A. The expression “I, for one” is usually a statement referring to oneself. In this puzzle, however, the “I” is a PRONON.

41A. I don’t shoot at CRAPS, so I watched this one. A “natural” is a two-dice roll with a score of seven or 11 on the “exit” roll, which is (I had to look for too) the first roll of the dice for a player.

60A. In journalism, a beat reporter is one who specializes in covering a specific topic or institution. But there are other types of rhythms, right? With a question mark (“Beat Ratio?”), The index refers to his heartbeat and the answer is HEART RATE.

5D. I’m just taking a moment to thank all of our frontline workers, especially nurses and technicians, who have stepped up and continue to escalate during the pandemic. Your hard work and persistence are highly appreciated.

9D. It’s hilarious for me for some reason. I didn’t expect the answer to “What over 40 million American adults do every year” to GO TO THERAPY. “Shop at Target,” maybe. What an unusual entry. (It was also his debut.)

10D. MAGIs are known for their Christmas gifts.

22D. You don’t need to go to PREP school to be in college. As talk show host and storyteller Dick Cavett once said when asked where he prepared, “I didn’t. I raised myself.

23D. Come on, you know that one. A “heated bench? Is a BACK. What, you think Mr. DiPietro and the puzzle editors would pass up a chance to make a joke?

24D. With any luck we would rush during the race ?, but the “rush” in this puzzle is a RUNNER’S HIGH.

28D. This is a corresponding index: an abbreviation in the index means that the answer will be abbreviated. The “x-walk” in “Those using an x-walk” is the abbreviation for “crosswalk” and the answer, PEDS, is the short version of “pedestrians”.

37D. “Go green, let’s say? It could mean that we’re supposed to be thinking about being eco-friendly, but in this puzzle it’s just referring to hair dye. The answer is COLORANTS.

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