NLC and TUC blame politicians for nation’s woes


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from Nigeria The march towards progress is only delayed by the political class which has strayed from the dreams of a great country and has become obsessed with personal conquests, says Organized Work.

The Nigerian Labor Congress (NLC) and Congress of Trade Unions (TUC), without mince words, said Nigeria, 61 years ago, was certainly on the way to greatness.

NLC Chairman Ayuba Wabba in the NLC Independence Message said politicians, through primitive accumulation of wealth, aided by a deliberate divide and rule policy, are derailing Nigeria from its expected course at independence.

He said: “When independence 61 years ago, high expectations were expected of the country, which is home to the largest black population on the planet. It is because of this hope that Nigeria soon after independence became the pilgrimage destination of many development-minded world leaders, including the famous Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore’s phenomenal transformation.

“61 years ago Nigeria was certainly on the way to greatness. In every part of the country there was a clear surge of hope, faith, energy and commitment in the wake of most Nigerians as our compatriots struggled to prove that independence was not no coincidence – that indeed we could do better than the whites. colonial administrators.

“Indeed, we have certainly made such great progress during these first years of our national life. It was the days of the famous Peanut Pyramid in Kano, oil palm plantations in the East region, rubber plantations in the Mid-West and cocoa fields in the South-West. from Nigeria. Life was indeed safe, secure and abundant!

Wabba recalled the contribution of the Nigerian working class to national development, peace and unity, the selfless efforts of heroes and heroines past and present – workers, retirees, including veterans and women, members of the armed forces, women, youth and Nigerians. children.

He lamented that politicians have changed the nation’s direction of progress, relying on the zeal and energy of Nigerian workers and people to redeem the image of the black race, which has been severely mutilated by trade slaves and colonization.

“Until today, after many successive governments, our country has not yet recovered from the tsunami of ethno-religious politics, the disorientation of values ​​and the weakening of unifying institutions,” he said. -he declares.

Noting that the symptoms of the breakdown in the march towards the nation’s progress are staring Nigerians in the face, Wabba said the deterioration of the country has come so fast and so furious that Nigerians have inadvertently ceded their will and space to development to misguided, violent and destructive forces – state actors who not only have become law for themselves but are trying to impose their regime of anarchy on all Nigerians.

He said: “Today millions of Nigerians almost accept the life of internally displaced people as normal. Today, many Nigerians would rather die at home than have to pay huge hospital bills for surviving family members while passing out to a slow but certain death in our dilapidated public health facilities. .

“Unemployment, especially among our teeming youth, has reached unprecedented levels and young people are no longer willing to wait for jobs that are nowhere available. The frustration and discouragement of our young people is at the root of the many evils and crimes prevalent in different parts of the country. When we halted the march towards human capital optimization, industrialization, food sufficiency and egalitarianism, what did we expect? Even the blind and deaf now know that the chicken has come home to roost.

He said it was time to recognize the truth about self-inflicted pain and take a close look at where Nigeria has lost it as a nation.

“It is not too late to resume our interrupted march to greatness. We can still become that country that gives pride of place to truth, productivity, hard work, excellence, integrity, patriotism, service and sacrifice, ”said Wabba.

He asserted that Nigerians can still create industries for teeming youth to get decent jobs, provide the excellent infrastructure that inspires inclusive economic growth.

He added: “We can always foster an atmosphere of rule of law, equity, social justice, peace, public order as a lasting remedy to the crises of deregulated violence in many parts of Nigeria. We can still regain our humanity of love and care for workers and retirees.

“The rest of the African continent is waiting for us. The entire black race believes that our rebirth as a country will be their redemption. We must not make them wait too long. Now we have to come to the feast and take our high chair in the committee of nations. “

The Trade Union Congress has also expressed its enthusiasm that Nigerians have proven that they have the innate ability to create wealth. According to TUC President Quadri Olaleye, the nation’s resources have not been well managed by the elite, which is why the country is classified today as the poverty capital of the world.

“It has become our history because the appointments are based on political affiliation, ethnicity and religion,” he said.

Olaleye felt that the major problem with Nigeria is that it has not been fortunate enough to have patriotic and dedicated leaders.

He said: “Nigerians have not had the opportunity to really choose their own leader, as seen in the gang against electronic transmission of election results. The gap between the haves and have-nots is daily and deliberately widened so that they can have people as they please and according to their whims. “

“All the social unrest and frustrations across the country are not unrelated to the failure of the elite to take advantage of our national diversities and build collective national prosperity. “

Much like her NLC counterpart, Olaleye estimated that even at 61, the country can still find its feet “if we have the right leaders ready to bet on fairness, fairness and justice.” Leaders should remember this saying from the late South African President, Nelson Mandela, that; “The world will not respect Africa until Nigeria earns this respect. Black people around the world need Nigeria to be a great source of pride and confidence… ”

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