Nexon Announces First Closed Beta Test for Tales Weaver: Second Run in Japan

Nexon will release its new MMORPGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game)”Weaver’s Tales: Round Twoin Japan this year. Nexon announced the release date during a media showcase held in Japan on July 7. A closed beta test will take place for Tales Weaver: Second Run on Android and iOS from July 25 to August 1. Twenty thousand participants will be able to play CBT, including 10,000 on each side (Android and iOS). The game’s official server is expected to start in 2022.

The long-awaited MMORPG game is launched after so many uncertainties surrounding it

Picture via Nexon

Weaver’s Tales: Second Run is a mobile MMORPGs based on the PC online game by Nexon ‘Weaver Tales.’ Nexon first unveiled the game as ‘Weaver’s Tale M’ in 2016. After 2016, the game developer did not provide any additional information about the game for a long time. This gave rise to many rumors about the abandonment of this project by Nexon.

After much anticipation, the first promotional video for the game was released in 2018. Later in 2021, the developers released some of the gameplay of the game. Finally, the game is released in Japan. Although Korea was also supposed to get the CBT, the developers didn’t say why Korea didn’t get the CBT with Japan.

The main elements of Tales Weaver: Second Run include the story and the unique cooperative combat system

The game plans to feature various stories, including a side story and a parallel world story, for the first time in the series. “Tales Weaver: Second Run” also aims to retain the original story of the PC game. Second Run will renew the popular episodes 1 and 2 of the original.

Tales Weaver: Second Closed Beta Test
Picture via Nexon

A sub-story will show the background of playable characters, NPCs, and monsters. The episodes will be presented keeping the originality of the previous series, but Second Run will further enhance the player experience through better storytelling.

‘Tales Weaver: Second Run’ will have a unique cooperative combat system. Players can complete their missions and episodes with their friends. Each player will be assigned a different configurable skill combination. Players will also have a special finisher.

The game will also have a remastered graphics and sound system. Characters and other graphics in the game are updated with a better visual system while retaining the original concept as much as possible. The iconic Tales Weaver background music was also remastered and used in “Second Run”.

Weaver’s Tales: Second Run is being developed for Japanese audiences

In the recent media showcase, the game’s developers repeatedly stated that the game was made for the Japanese market. In a video greeting, the Executive Vice President of Nexon’s Development Division said: “Second Run is Nexon’s first seriously developed title targeting the Japanese market.” It is also stated that it contains elements that Japanese users will appreciate, such as narration and splendid realization.

This isn’t the first time Nexon has targeted regional versions for more game popularity. In 2015, Nexon launched “Ghost in the Shell Online” exclusively in North America and Europe. But Nexon ended service for the game a year later. However, we can hope that this will not be the case for a title already famous in Japan. The game will bring a new experience and atmosphere to players.

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