NeverAwake Wins Grand Prize at BitSummit Awards

game title Award Synopsis/Details Hatena no Tou: the children’s tower Famitsu Award A single-player Rogue-like adventure game with survival elements. The project leader is Tom Ikeda (Shadows of the Damned/Lollipop Chainsaw). The game will have Japanese and English support when it releases later this year. The last time I saw you Dengki Price Online
Visual Excellence Award A narrative adventure about love and acceptance, with a focus on story, exploration and character development. The game is set in the 1980s in the Japanese countryside and will be an immersive experience that features ambient lo-fi soundtracks. It should be released soon with English support available at launch. drive crazy Gadget Communication Award Drive Crazy is a game set in Japan following the collapse of society. The player drives a light truck through the city. There are no visible signs of people, but there will always be someone attacking surrounding buildings to disturb the player. The game will have English support when it launches, its release date is not confirmed. Maid Cafe at Electric Street Spark Game Reward An RPG simulation game by Shanghai-based developer Adventurer’s Tavern. In the game, you can visit a maid cafe, talk with the girls, hang out in the electric street, and go to the arcade center to play games and buy popular trading cards. English support is confirmed at launch, but the release date is currently unconfirmed. It’s a Wrap! IGN Japan Awards
Excellence in Game Design Award A challenging 2D puzzle platformer set in 1980s Hollywood, where you take on the role of a low-budget film actor/director. The puzzles are centered around setting up your movie scenes and how well they work. The game will soon be released in English. Toy training Awards This game combines toys and terraforming. You can draw a 2D image, then the AI ​​will convert it into a three-dimensional toy that will start moving around the planet and terraforming it. Toy Forming is currently under development and there has been no confirmation of English support yet. Trinity S PlayStation Reward Currently in Early Access, Trinity S is a game that aims to combine the best parts of an endgame MMO (boss) experience while skipping the repetitive grinding. The game supports cooperative play for up to 3 players, but can also be enjoyed solo. Trinity S is already out and has English support. TopplePOP Bungee Blockbusters Shueisha Game Creators CAMP Award Physics puzzle board game that supports up to four players. The game is inspired by Tetris and PuyoPuyo and was designed for team fighting esports. Two players can also battle online with two other players in versus mode. The game will be released in 2023 in English. The beginning of the English words Etumologia Nissin Foods Complete Meshi Price A new type of mobile game with the unusual theme of teaching etymology. The object of the game is to defeat monsters by connecting English words and learning their origin. The developer is collaborating with Gogengo!, a popular etymology learning site as a database, and aims to offer the experience as an edutainment game in its own right. To find Noodle Cup Price A puzzle game where you roll a cube-shaped hero to find hidden objectives. Objectives and gadgets materialize when they hit the player’s line of sight, and stages change as you go. dragon drop CoroCoro Comic Award A four-player board game where you must line up blocks to knock down your opponents while avoiding the danger of being dropped yourself. You can play with players or with bots, with many customizations, stages and songs to unlock. The game is available in English. Butterfly Loop Night Game Jam Awards An award-winning student work where you go through the stages in a limited time and avoid an explosive future. You can influence each stage to influence the future before the explosion begins. The game is now available for download on OU Popular Selection Award Coming to Nintendo Switch and Steam in 2022. Inspired by German children’s author Michael Ende, OU depicts a mysterious world where the story is told through the turning of the pages of a children’s book. The story will eventually reveal a connection to reality, with an ending that changes depending on the player’s decisions. Gibbon: Beyond the Trees International award nominee An ecological adventure about freedom and survival. Players must master the dynamic movement of a lost gibbon which is very close to the real thing. The game is available now on Steam, Apple Arcade, Nintendo Switch, and, and links can be found on the game’s official site. Revision ASTLIBRA Excellence in Sound Design Award for Best Sound A side-scrolling 2D action RPG in which you can fight exhilarating battles with huge bosses. The game has a demo which is available now on Steam and plans to release soon. The game features artwork of Shigatake (Dragon’s Crown) and Haku Ryubuchi. Outcore: Computer Adventure Innovative Outlaw Award (for creative ideas) Outcore is about looking for clues in your own computer programs. Eventually, you’ll find a lost girl who lives inside your office who you’ll have to work with to recover her memories and solve the mystery of her existence. The game will be released in September 2022, with a demo currently available. NeverAwake Vermillion Gate Award (Grand Prize) A side-scrolling shooter about a girl who never wakes up. The game features beautiful animations and a unique worldview. The game will feature over 80 levels and dozens of bosses. The demo was one of the reasons for the game’s accolades. NeverAwake is expected to release this year.

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