MentalHappy Tackles the Nation’s ‘Mental Health Tsunami’ by Expanding Access to Care with Professional-Led Peer Support Groups

The health technology platform supported by Y Combinator enables health and wellness professionals to meet the growing demand for mental health care.

SAN FRANCISCO, May 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Access to mental health care is a growing national health crisis. A 2021 National Council for Mental Wellbeing report indicates that there is a severe shortage mental health providers in 77% of counties United States. The CEO of the American Psychological Association called the current crisis a “Mental Health Tsunami.” Fortunately, Tamar Bluefounder and CEO of MentalHappy, Inc. saw the writing on the wall long before COVID and began developing a platform that is now building an army of stormtroopers to deal with the tsunami and expand access to mental health care.

“There are only 30 licensed therapists per 100,000 people in the United States. There just isn’t enough ‘human power’ to keep up with tsunami-level demand,” says the Founder and CEO of MentalHappy. Tamar Blue. “Although there are more platforms with therapists, it is often the same therapists on multiple platforms and 46% therapists say they are overwhelmed and exhausted. What we have to do is to expand access to mental health care by enabling trained health and wellbeing professionals from diverse backgrounds to lead peer support groups – as a way to serve After people and bridge the supplier gap,” says Blue.

Seven months after the launch of MentalHappy mobile apps on iOS and Android, the platform has a proof of concept that the model works. Hundreds of members participate in more than 50 tailored, professionally-led online support groups that address a full range of everyday topics and “life events” including infertility, work-life balance, anxiety and stress, addiction recovery, divorce, caregiver support , adaptation to aging and other sensitive topics.

Blue thanks the platform’s incredibly dedicated support group leaders for having greatly contributed to the success of MentalHappy. “I am both thrilled and grateful to hear the testimonials from members whose lives have been positively impacted by our platform, as well as feedback from support group leaders whose businesses have flourished. We provide the technology, but At the end of the day, it’s the expertise, care, and caring shown by the support group leaders and fellow members that makes MentalHappy the special place it is,” says Blue.

Often called the Patreon for Mental Health Professionals, MentalHappy’s platform is designed to simplify the life of a practitioner/support group leader by providing a safe and simple platform to serve small groups and generate ongoing income.

As the leading mental health peer support group app, MentalHappy offers its support group leaders and members the following key features and benefits:

  • Secure safe: HIPAA-compliant secure platform and safe space for healing and growth.

  • Simplified discovery: Members easily find new groups using the simple search tool.

  • Anonymity: Group members have the option to join groups anonymously.

  • Transparent pricing: Support group leaders set fees for each group and fees are clearly stated. No hidden fees.

  • Income stream: Support group leaders earn income from their group fees and by providing their products and services.

For many MentalHappy support group leaders, the biggest benefit has been the platform’s ability to help them extend mental health care to more people and be discovered by new people. For those who find themselves at full capacity in their own practices, MentalHappy enables practitioners to virtually serve groups of individuals at a time, thereby supplementing a client’s need for additional sessions, as well as creating opportunities for engage new clients who need a safe space to heal. .

“With so many people in need of mental health support today, it was almost impossible to meet the demand. MentalHappy created a way for me to help more people by offering peer support groups and it’s been great for my business,” shares Dr. April gifts who runs a support group called, Anxiety and stress management with Dr. Givens.

Backed by Y Combinator, the startup accelerator that has brought household names like AirBnB, Dropbox, DoorDash and Bandaged, MentalHappy is positioning itself as a leader in the wellness market by providing a solution to a 300 billion dollars health crisis in United States only. MentalHappy achieved its starting raise of $1.2 million in 2021, led by Northwestern Mutual Future Ventures.

MentalHappy adds new support group leaders and new groups every week. The platform accepts health and wellness professionals in any of the following professions: Psychology, Psychiatry, Naturopathy, General Practitioner (MD), Acupuncture (Oriental Medicine), Certified Life/Wellness Coach, Fitness, certified peer group specialist and experienced educator (teacher).Visit to learn more.

About MentalHappy
MentalHappy is a Y Combinator-backed mental health platform with a mission to make mental health care an accessible, affordable, and stigma-free reality for everyone. Founded by Tamar Blue, MentalHappy strives to be culturally sensitive and is the first online mental health platform designed to provide people of all races, genders and economic statuses with a safe and secure platform to talk about emotional health, challenges they face in their daily lives and receive support from others who understand what they are going through. With free mental health resources and professionally run support groups, MentalHappy empowers everyone to get the emotional help they deserve without financial or physical limitations. To learn more, host a peer group, or become a MentalHappy shareholder, visit

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