Letters to the Editor – October 23, 2021


Guard the beach ladders

It is absurd that in October, the ladders allowing bathers to access the sea on the rocky beaches be removed.

It is time to review this policy considering that some swimmers continue to enjoy this activity even during the winter.

And, please, no excuse for these ladders to be washed away in bad weather.

Proper work and maintenance is all that is needed.

Pauline Bartolo – Attard

Maltese culture and history

Martin Morana’s excellent article ‘Sexual Morality among the Maltese Over the Centuries’ in the Times of Malta (October 19) reminded me of an old second-hand book I bought at Charing Cross bookstore in London. few years ago.

The book’s title, Journal of a Victorian Gentleman (Anonymous), kept me impatient and entertained throughout a flight to Hong Kong. Therefore, I was eager to read Part II from this very talented Maltese author.

Guliano Borg – Guira

Keep the memories alive

It seems to me that the only ones who benefit from a tragedy, be it murder, mass shooting, terrorist attack, tsunami, earthquake etc., are the florists and those who sell candles. But the candles go out and the flowers wither. What a sad and sick world do we live in. It’s up to us to keep the flame alight and the memories alive.

John O’Dea – Naxxar

BOV customer service

Over the past year, I needed BOV’s customer support services more than usual, and most of the time I was very disappointed.

Prior to this year I would send an email and get a response within 24 hours with a complete solution. However, the tone has definitely changed when I ask questions via email; I always get the same response for using internet banking. I am using the BOV app and not internet banking. I now know why the key was removed when using internet banking. The BOV secure key was more user-friendly.

There is also another repetitive response which involves calling the customer service offices. When I do, that person answers the phone; when i email to call me because i can’t reach them they say they can’t make outgoing calls. Therefore, I find myself without a solution.

Lately I needed instructions on how to use the BOV 3d Secure. I ended up getting a response that I should visit online banking which I don’t find very user-friendly. I received another response, which appeared to be copied from a manual, stating that I had to visit the branch.

About three weeks ago I went to the branch to change my name and address, I also ordered a Visa card and a checkbook. However, the checkbook never arrived and when I asked why I was told to go to the branch. In addition, I was also sent a Cashlink card, which I never requested, with my maiden name on it. Well done BOV customer service; the bank rep was very helpful and polite but still managed to forget to ask for my checkbook as I still don’t have one.

Last year, during the pandemic, my mother did not go out. They wanted her to close my late father’s accounts on her way to the branch when I insisted that it shouldn’t be. Eventually, a representative from the bank gave in and told me I could send everything by registered mail.

In our time and in times of pandemic, I believe that online customer service should make life easier, not complicated. How will customers, who work the same hours as bank staff, find a solution to their banking problems if they are asked to go to a branch? Bank of Valletta should start to be realistic.

Charlene Agius Muscat – Ħamrun

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