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The July 2022 MMM Puzzle Page and Contest Winners are as follows:


Ronald Mallinson

camp site


On the other side: 1 Browbeating, 9 Adapter/Adapter, 10 Acrid, 11 Bumble, 12 Ashore, 14 Oft, 16 Love, 17 Sit, 18 Sturdy, 19 Spider, 21 Llama, 22 Heiress, 23 Big business.

Down: 2 Realm, 3 Wattle and daub, 4 Err, 5 Transcription, 6 Nervous, 7 Car boot sale, 8 Adventurism, 13 Row, 15 Tsunami, 20 Dregs, 22 HMS.


Paul Sirmann

Answer: 573

Cadac Competition

Judith Luscombe, John Michael Parker, Ian Seccombe

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