Japan Pokémon TCG Start Deck 100 reveals Morpeko V and more


We are now a few days away from the release of Japanese Pokémon TCG: Starter Deck 100 product line. Scheduled for release on December 17, these products will primarily feature reprinted cards and, unlike actual boosters, will not contain any secret rare. These are meant for competitive gameplay and offer very few new cards, with a few notable examples so far being the Kingler VMAX and now these two new Pokémon V, Raikou V and Drampa V. True to its name, there are will have a whopping 100 versions of this product featuring different maps. There is no English equivalent intended for these versions, so it is likely that these cards appear inserted in English extensions such as Sword and Shield – Shining Stars and more to come. Let’s take a look at some new Pokémon TCG cards: Start Deck 100.

100 card starting deck. Credit: Pokémon TCG

It was time ! Morpeko has gotten multiple Pokémon-V and even a V-UNION but this is the first time we’ve seen his Hangry mode on a V. I was wondering when we were going to get it. My only hope is that at some point we would get a Full Art version of this cute but intimidating shape.

Greedent features different illustrations than the Greedent V in Sword and Shield – Fusion Strike, but the two cards share an interesting connection. Check Fusion Strike Gredent here. The Pokemon has its arms full of berries, which implies that this Departure deck 100 card forms a story with this card. This new card appears to be the moment where Greedent watches the berries fall from the tree, with the Fusion Strike card showing him running away with his bounty. Departure deck 100 has a fair amount of cards like this, which feature the same text as a previously published card with different illustrations. These are sometimes referred to as “Alternative Arts”. This should not be confused with the “Alternate Art V / VMAX” card style which are textured chase cards that break away from the standard Full Art and VMAX styles.

Stay tuned for more Pokémon TCG daily news here at Bleeding Cool! You can follow our Departure deck 100 cover using our official label for the set and our Sword and Shield – Shining Stars cover using this tag for the whole.

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