Japan launches gaming mattress that looks uncomfortable and lacks RGB light



Gambling has moved beyond a mere hobby to become ubiquitous in the life of modern man. What was considered a niche of interest to geeks is now commonplace. In one form or another, whether on mobile, PC, console, or tablet, people will be playing video games at some point in their lives.

Given the widespread use of gaming, gaming peripherals are proving to be a lucrative market as well. There are gaming chairs, gaming keyboards, gaming monitors, and even gaming energy drinks. Now Japan Bauhütte published on Play mat.


The mattress itself has many slits in the foam to provide varying degrees of firmness and support. Presumably, this is intended to ensure comfortable, high-quality sleep. However, it’s hard to see how this is a significant improvement over most other mattresses, especially given how thin the gaming mattress is.

Releasing a mattress makes sense for Bauhutte, as they released products that can be combined into a play bed configuration, such as the bed desk, sideboard, side table, etc. The mattress simply completes the rig.

At 2 channels, which is Japan’s largest bulletin board, netizens have doubts about the product. Some claim that the mattress has nothing to do with play or even specifically improves play, and is just a regular mattress. Others claim that the mattress must emit light to be considered a play product.

The Bauhutte play mattress will be available in three sizes: single, semi-double and double. The price varies from 256 USD (28,500 yen) To US $ 391 (43,500 yen). Since comfort is a priority for gamers, there may be a chance that other gaming peripherals companies will jump in on this movement.

If you think it’s totally unexpected, Bauhtte has already launched specialist gaming chiropractic treatments for players for people who have pushed their teams too hard.

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