Japan beat hosts to stay second

The Japanese retained their second place after the seventh session of Monday morning’s round robin against China, while the United States took on Korea and Canada took on the ROC.

China versus Japan

Japan controlled their match against China very well, leading the score 7-1 after five ends.

In the seventh end, already sitting on a stone kick deep in the button, with a Chinese stone biting the top of the button, Japan’s Fujisawa Satsuki tied to the flag for two points and a 9-2 lead.

Japan continued their solid play, stealing in the eighth end for a final score of 10-2 and a record of four wins and one loss so far.

Japan’s third player Yoshida Chinami said: “Actually, we didn’t expect this game to be like this. We think we need to focus more on ice reading, weight control, something like that. Then finally we scored a lot of points, that’s why I’m so happy.

“We haven’t counted our wins and losses, our goal is to stay in the moment and enjoy one game apiece. So maybe at the end of the round robin we’ll think about the standings or something like that, at the moment we don’t care about the ranking.

Canada vs. the ROC

Canada opened the game with two runs and took a 4-0 lead after the second set when ROC captain Alina Kovaleva missed a draw.

The Canadians continued their attack, tying an open eight-footer for two in the sixth end for a big 8-3 advantage.

Canada was forced to a single in the eighth end, with an eight-foot tie against two ROC counters to go up, 9-5.

Facing two Canadian rocks on all four feet, Kovaleva had a corner tap against two in the ninth end, but wrapped too much and gave up a steal of two where they conceded the game, 11-5.

After the win, Canada’s second, Jocelyn Peterman, said, “We’re pretty happy with the way we’re playing. So we just wanted to go out and have a solid game again today and I think we did that. We got off to a very good start and that was the goal. So we were really happy with how those first ends went.

“I think Jen did a great job reading the ice. The rocks were finished last night and she knew very well where to place the broom, which made our shots really easy.

Team Canada © WCF / Stephen Fisher

United States vs. Korea

With the game level at 2-2 at the break, Korea nosed in for a deuce in the seventh end to make it 4-5 for the Americans.

With a rock on the button, United States captain Tabitha Peterson earned a draw at four-footer for two, which she made up 7-4 after eight.

In the ninth end, Korea’s Kim EunJung hit a two-run hit to close the gap, 6-7. But, in the tenth end, Peterson hit the nose to win the game, 8-6 and improve their overall record to four wins and two losses.

Nina Roth of the United States after their win over Korea © WCF / Stephen Fisher

Results of the seventh women’s session: China 2-10 Japan; Canada 11-5 DRC; United States 8-6 Korea

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