Here’s how many followers Elle Darby has lost since her Twitter drama

She lost nearly 50,000 on Instagram alone

Influencer Elle Darby recently posted an apology video after she suffered a backlash from her followers for her racist and homophobic tweets she made in 2011. On New Years Eve, she posted an apology on her Instagram but despite this, she lost thousands of subscribers and subscribers. everyday. Before her ten-year-old tweets came to light, she had 785,545 followers on Instagram, but she quickly lost over 46,000, bringing her down to just over 739,000.

On YouTuber, her follower count was 611,000, but since her old tweets started gaining attention, she has lost 12,000 total subscribers. Her fans and followers have had a lot to say about the issue from her past tweets, with one user saying Elle Darby is a great example of how we shouldn’t idolize influencers.

Another person on Twitter wrote: “The recent Elle Darby news should be a lesson to all of us that glorifying and idolizing ‘influencers’ is so much more than ridiculous. I don’t even have words. I understand assuming the worst is beyond burnout, but you don’t know these people or their true intentions. When you “manifest” or “speak into existence” to have a life like Elle Darby and Connor, think twice about your actions, as we have been shown time and time again that the reality of life for these influencers can. actually be pretty scary. “

Next, YouTuber couple James and Carys Whittaker began to receive reactions online after posting a statement on their Instagram showing their support for Elle and Connor during this time. Carys, who has over 867,000 Instagram followers, posted this statement below in his story:

via @ busybee.carys on Instagram

There she explains how she contacted Elle over the past few days and monitored her. She said: “We feel so hurt, upset and confused by the situation and know that there are so many of you, especially those who are among the groups targeted in the tweets. It is unacceptable for an individual or group to be targeted online or elsewhere, whether because of skin color, nationality, sexual preferences, or anything else. We cannot imagine the pain and the upheaval this will have caused. “

The statement goes on to explain their feelings against targeted online abuse and Carys says, “We don’t want to be part of a tsunami of online violence against Her and Connor though, especially since we know what that has to do with it. driven in the past. ” However, since receiving criticism online for this statement, they have both stopped following Elle.

You can watch Elle Darby’s full apology video here.

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