Guerilla Collective 3.0 Top 10 Announcements

The best announcements of Guerilla Collective 2022

Since its debut in 2020, the Guerilla Collective has become one of the summer game showcase season’s top destinations for indie game announcements – and 2022 has been no different. While some of this year’s presentations may have lacked a bit of variety in the games they featured, Guerilla couldn’t be further from that. With over 60 indie games spanning platformers, strategy titles, puzzle games, RPGs, life simulations and everything in between, Guerilla Collective 3.0 truly had something for everyone.

It’s hard to pick a favorite with so much quality, but here are 10 of Guerilla Collective 3.0’s biggest highlights, listed in alphabetical order. Let’s shake our minds and dive in!

GIF: Halberd Studios

9 years of shadows

You can never have too many successors for Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, then 9 years of shadows is a welcome announcement indeed. This Gothic-inspired Metroidvania sees players wandering a world shrouded in darkness, aided by a magical bear on a quest to restore light to the universe. The gameplay loop has all the hallmarks of a solid Metroidvania: upgradable abilities, vast realms to explore, and vicious enemies to battle. Perhaps most impressively, the game’s soundtrack includes pieces composed by Konami veterans Michiru Yamane and Norihiko Hibino, making 9 years of shadows an exciting prospect for Castlevania fans ahead of its release later this year.

GIF: Gravity Games

Alterium Change

Octopath Traveler –HD-2D style graphics may have been the best thing to happen to modern retro RPGs – take a look at Alterium Change to see it for yourself. This magnificent RPG has everything that made the classics of its genre so great: dynamic turn-based combat, a well-realized world ready to be explored, a majestic story to experience, a range of party members with their own scenarios unique, and lots of side missions. What’s an RPG without a fishing mini-game, anyway? And on top of all that, its pixelated 3D graphics are a sight to behold. Keep an eye out for his new demo coming to PC later this year, ahead of its eventual release on PC and consoles!

Image: Microids

Arkanoid: Eternal Battle

Tetris effect must have stirred something in dev studios around the world, because since then we’ve had a steady stream of futuristic reimaginings of classic arcade games: Pong Quest, Pac-Man 99, and now, Arkanoid: Eternal Battle. One of the original block breakers, Arkanoid gets a fresh coat of paint thanks to publisher Microids and developer Pastagames, including a handful of new single-player and multiplayer modes. And of course, it also comes with a new 25-player Battle Royale mode, as any revival should. Arkanoid: Eternal Battle is expected to offer a new take on a retro legend with its release in October.

Image: Raw Fury

Beasts tape

How do you prepare for battle? With tapes, of course. In the open-world, turn-based RPG Cassette Beasts, players will embark on a vast adventure across a remote island filled with bizarre creatures that can be collected and fused into powerful monsters. Using the power of the cassettes, players can transform into these creatures and engage in complex turn-based battles. This ambitious, whimsical adventure should scratch any monster-collecting itch when it releases soon on Xbox and PC.

GIF: Untold Tales

The little

“The Jungle Book meets Armageddon.” It’s like that The little, a recently announced cinematic platformer and sequel to last year’s famous game Golf club wasteland, describes itself. Inspired by Disney platformers released on the Sega Genesis in the 90s—think Aladdin and The Lion King The little picks up after nature reclaims the earth from humanity in what is known as “The Great Ecological Catastrophe”. In this world overrun with ultra-evolved flora and fauna, only one human boy has survived: The Cub. Players will journey through otherworldly landscapes in this destroyed land and eventually come to terms with their new reality. This adventure is already showing potential and you can check it out yourself with its free PC demo!

Image: Finji

I was an exocolonist teenager

Your teenage years can be tough, especially when you’re a first-generation exocolonist on a distant planet. I was an exocolonist teenager is all about the relatable awkwardness of growing up, mixed with a hint of alien surrealism. Its gameplay mixes life-simulation elements with deck-building card battles as you choose how to spend each day, choose to build relationships with other settlers, explore your new world or simply to indulge in a hobby. With 30 endings, 250 battle maps, and over 800 unique story events, there won’t be a dull moment in your space colonial life. Keep an eye out for its PC release later this year!

GIF: Putting the Entertainment Together

Mira: The Legend of the Djinns

Set in a fantasy world inspired by Moroccan and Amazigh North African cultures, languages ​​and traditions, Mira: The Legend of the Djinns is a 2D Metroidvania with some striking new ideas. Featuring a vast 2D world realized through lush pixel art and hidden secrets around every corner, Mira boasts lush pixel art and a robust arsenal of combat and exploration abilities. Including different elemental weapons and modes that can be disabled at will, even in the heat of combat, Mira promises a unique dynamic gameplay loop. While there’s still time before its 2023 release date on PC, Metroidvania fans will want to keep an eye out for this one.

Image: Floppy Club


Rhythmos is a cerebral experience that mixes interplanetary puzzles and world music in a game unlike any other. Its gameplay loop seems simple: all you have to do is trace paths from node to node through tiny cubic planets. However, each completed planet adds a new musical loop to the soundtrack, and the longer you play, the more instruments you unlock: before long, this minimalist title evolves into a symphony of varied musical styles including Ethiopian jazz, Indonesian gamelan music, Zimbabwean kalimba tunes. , and much more. Rhythmos promises to be something special for fans of music and puzzle games, so don’t hesitate any longer and try its free demo on PC!

GIF: Fall Pioneer


If you really want to learn a foreign language, Duolingo can only take you so far. You need to immerse yourself in the local culture where the language is spoken – and that’s exactly what Shakingo is all about. This casual photography game lets you explore a whimsical and colorful Japanese city, snapping photos of street signs, storefronts, posters, and any other interesting objects you encounter on your journey. As each location name is then translated into English and read aloud with Japanese dubbing, players will gradually become familiar with the Japanese language. There’s no release date yet, but if you’re ready to fill a photo album and brush up on your Japanese, go ahead and make a wishlist. Shakingo on Steam in the meantime!

GIF: Spells and Secrets

Spells and Secrets

Need a little school sorcery to hold you back until Hogwarts: Legacy makes its big debut? Spells and Secrets might do the trick. This 3D adventure game will see you take on the role of a student in a magical academy, where you can cast spells to battle magical creatures, team up with other classmates in local two-player co-op, and… online, and explore a wonderful academy. Mysterious and whimsical, there’s certainly plenty to explore in Spells and Secrets ahead of its Early Access debut this summer, with a possible PC and Switch release in the works!

And that’s just a small fraction of everything featured at Guerilla Collective 3.0. To see everything the indies brought to the table for this year’s showcase, check out the dedicated Steam page for the event!

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