Gennady Golovkin defeats tough, game-changing Murata in Japan – but Canelo will have enjoyed what he saw

At the end of his career, middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin could become one of the greatest fighters over forty of all time. Right now, GGG is 1-0(1) as a fighter in his 40s, with Golovkin winning his comeback bout today.

As fans know, GGG overcame some tough times – his body being put to the test in particular – before running out and stopping Ryota Murata in Japan.

It was a good fight, an action fight as advertised, and Triple-G got the win everyone thought he would get. But it was not at all easy.

Or; to be perfectly honest, Gennady’s performance was impressive – unless you’re willing to give Golovkin extra points for his performance due to two things: his age and the fact that today’s fight scored his first action in over a year.

Golovkin, who now holds two middleweight belts, is now likely heading for a third fight with Canelo Alvarez in September (provided Canelo skips his May fight with Dmitry Bivol). But unlike the first two fights GGG had with Canelo – winning both in the eyes of many, despite drawing and losing officially – it will be a whole different ballgame this time around.

It doesn’t matter how old the two fighters are; Golovkin will debut at 168 pounds against Canelo, and what champion can you think of that he moved up to an unknown weight division, this for the biggest fight of his career, at such an advanced age? Make no mistake, the Mexican superstar holds all the cards heading into the trilogy showdown.

In fact, it seems to most fight fans that, as loaded as Canelo can hold, it will take nothing less than immense effort for Golovkin to beat Canelo in the third fight. Maybe Golovkin has such a defiance of the odds; real greatness winning performance inside him. Perhaps. But it certainly didn’t look like that today in Japan.

As fight three approaches, GGG fans are prepared for the worst, while Canelo fans look forward to the best post-fight party. GGG never surprised us today, but maybe – just maybe, somehow – he will surprise us and Canelo later this year.

Who will you be shooting for when GGG and Canelo step into the ring with each other in an effort to finish their unfinished business?

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