Eastasiasoft Midsummer Showcase Showcases 7 Upcoming Switch Titles

Eastasiasoft recently ran a special Midsummer showcase to provide details on upcoming games. A total of 11 games were shown, and 7 of them are coming to Switch. Some we already knew about, and others were revealed for the first time. You can see a breakdown for each of the Switch titles featured below.

Quintus and the Absent Truth (July 6, 2022)

Alan Shaw’s daughter is missing, and the only one capable of helping him locate her may be a little mouse named Quintus. Join this odd couple in their search for answers, using height differences as an advantage.

Quintus and the Absent Truth is a horror-themed adventure told in first person. The puzzles encountered by Alan and Quintus often require you to figure out which character to use for the task at hand. Do you need Alan’s size to reach buttons, switches, and objects that are beyond Quintus’ reach, or is a hole just too narrow for Alan to fit through? Only by working together can they discover the truth they seek.

Rayland (July 13, 2022)

The inhabitants of Rayland use the energy of the Domus to survive, and to transport this energy they use a Reflectus, a type of equipment that reflects rays towards other Domus. Your mission is to help the inhabitants of Rayland to transport the energy of the Domus through the different lands contained in the path. To do this, you must position the Reflectus correctly and rotate them so that the energy rays reach the necessary Domus.

Rayland offers a variety of puzzles about reflecting a beam of light around an isometric playing field from point to point. The transmitter and receiver are fixed, and it’s up to you to reposition the mirror-like reflector panels to direct the beam path. The gameplay is simple, but the challenge is increasingly higher. Do you have what it takes to clear them all?

Seduction: The Destiny of a Monk (July 20, 2022)

Side-scrolling action and classic adventure storytelling come together in a horror-themed tale about a monk who must enter a dark, surreal realm to uncover the truth about his monastery. What mysteries are hidden and can we really trust those he respects? Take control of this young man as he explores and converses, questions everything he knows and defies the advice of his elders.

Solve puzzles, search for clues, and escape great dangers as you navigate beautiful and gruesome handcrafted environments. Temptation lurks at every turn. You will have to learn to refuse and never give in to seduction. Only then can you hope to save the soul of a young woman from being sacrificed for a grand summoning, a forbidden ritual that will bloody history in the place you know as home.

Paradise for arsonists (July 27, 2022)

Get ready to crush your enemies with as much firepower as you can carry! It’s hunt or be hunted in a side-scrolling survival game. Arsonist Heaven is an action platformer presented in a retro pixel art style. Take on the role of a hunter in a fireproof suit and equipped with a jet pack as you traverse a wide variety of biomes, from forests and icy mountains to deserts and volcanic caverns.

But be careful! Each stage is filled with roaming enemies. Some monsters attack with brute force, while others wield melee weapons or fire magic projectiles. To even the odds and take them out before they take you down, you’ll need to use an arsenal of unique guns, launchers, and flamethrowers. Once the ammo runs out, make sure you have another weapon on hand or you’ll be left helpless! The jet pack could be your savior, but fuel is limited. It’s a brutal ballet of balancing resources as you outlast the opposition!

Back (August 2022)

A surreal and punishing world of black, white and red awaits as you challenge the void of Back Again, a hardcore 3D platformer presented in an immersive first-person perspective! In this void, your only means of escape is to cross floating platforms arranged in increasingly complex configurations. Obstacles move in patterns above and around them, requiring you to learn their movements to avoid being knocked off a ledge or stopped mid-air. Models surround you, sometimes navigating the platforms themselves or simply observing. Maybe they hold clues to the puzzles at their fingertips, or maybe they’re just like you. Either way, they offer little comfort.

Back Again is an eerie tale with minimalist storytelling and an unsettling atmosphere meant to test your skills, interrogate your psyche, and reward your resolve, all set to a unique, ever-changing soundtrack to suit the mood. Follow the story to the end, retry each sequence as many times as necessary, and once you’ve gained enough confidence, choose Survival Mode to see if you can complete the entire game in one attempt!

Pretty Girls Four Kings Solitaire (August 2022)

A new style of card game joins the popular Pretty Girls lineup, this time using the Calculus or ‘Four Kings’ rule set! In this variant of classic solitaire, you must place all the cards on the table in a specified order. When drawing from the shuffled deck, you may keep cards in the field below, but once placed, only the top cards can be moved. Think strategically to get every card on top, and you will win!

While playing Pretty Girls Four Kings Solitaire, you’ll meet 8 gorgeous female challengers, each with multiple outfits and voiced entirely in Japanese. As you complete their stages, new outfits will be unlocked for casual viewing in the dressing room, and there’s a new diorama feature to explore that lets you create scenes with the characters and characters. clothes you have unlocked! Various difficulty settings and helper features make the experience accessible to players of all skill levels.

Book Quest (August 10, 2022)

Take on the role of a young man who witnesses the theft of his family’s magic book, which leads to a visit from his grandfather’s ghost, forcing him on a dangerous journey to retrieve it. Explore the surrounding towns and wilderness, gather information from the townspeople, strengthen your character with new weapons and equipment, hunt down the culprits who stole the magic book and uncover the truth behind it all!

Book Quest is an action-adventure RPG presented in a retro pixel art style with cinematic cutscenes and dialogue. Throughout this medieval fantasy, gameplay alternates between top-down and side-scrolling perspectives. Dodge and execute melee attacks, collect key items, solve environmental puzzles, equip new gear as you progress, and take part in unique mini-games as you travel between map locations! It’s a nostalgic adventure suitable for all ages, whether you’re a long-time gamer reminiscing about genre classics or a newcomer learning the ropes.

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