Crops ‘stored everywhere’: Ukraine’s crops are piling up

There may be political will from Ukraine’s allies: the White House has welcomed the deal, as have the United Nations and global aid organizations, which have warned of potential famine and further political unrest. long the grain of Ukraine will be blocked.

The release of grain for freight should alleviate a growing famine crisis caused by Russian aggression – little, as Ukrainian grain could also be shipped to international destinations determined earlier, but thanks to additional supplies, this could help reduce costs. , which climbed after the battle, but fell not so long ago. “It’s quite optimistic,” said Nikolay Gorbachov, head of the Ukrainian Grain Association. “It is possible to search for the best way.”

But even once reopened, Black Sea ports are expected to operate at almost half their pre-war capacity, experts say, covering only part of the more than 20 million tonnes of grain on hold. The ships will pass through a path cleared of Ukrainian mines used to prevent Russian vessels from entering and undergo inspections in Turkey to ensure they are no longer carrying weapons into Ukraine.

And it is not sure that a sufficient number of ships will take over the business. Transport companies which, when operating in the Black Sea, took different freight routes. Insurers are cautious when it comes to layering ships in a combat zone, and without insurance coverage no one will board.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian farmers are grappling with huge amounts of trapped grain from last year’s harvest. Before the battle, new crops flowed in and out of the grain elevators – from harvest to export – like clockwork. However, Russia’s blockade of the Black Sea created a huge pileup.

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