Cool games for summer 2021: our summer recommendations


We stand in front an atypical summer which means, for many, a return to the typical routines of the time almost two years later. But we do so with an eye on the general situation around us, always present and ready to remind us that we still have some way to go. In this unpredictable situation, where everything is more or less affected, It doesn’t hurt to have a constant to cling to, a playful refuge where to go to disconnect from the mundane.

This is why today we are going to offer you a host of fresh titles for this summer, video games that enhance the typical sensations of the summer season, works consecrated or not, in which to get lost during the months that remain for this summer 2021. An eclectic selection in every way, which is not subject to platforms, eras, or genres. But that obviously could have included a lot more games. If you miss one or have a perfect heat recommendation in mind, feel free to leave it in the commentary. We start.


We start with a title that accompanied the PS5 in its first months and that many have perhaps already forgotten. Bugsnax is a puzzle and exploration game with a simple but interesting story. It focuses on well-written characters who, after arriving on an unexplored island, begin to feed on native creatures, the curious Bugsnax, which we will have to hunt with an assortment of the most original gadgets. Good text, clever puzzles, humor and zero pretension. And all on a tropical island, perfect for summer.

Guilty Gear

We went from the tranquility to the frenzy of fighters with Guilty Gear. The arc system works returns to one of his most beloved sagas and gives us a perfect title for anyone who wants to start in the fight. This latest opus includes a whole series of tutorials intended to educate the player with little experience in the genre. Plus, thanks to his limited but deep cast of characters, he can be found in a great time for anyone who has ever considered getting on the Guilty Gear train.

Hungry Hearts Dinner

From the frenzy of combat we move on to the peace and quiet of Dinner of hungry hearts, a video game for mobile devices who invites us to manage a small restaurant located on the outskirts of a large Japanese city. The owner’s wife, who has been ill for some time, is forced to take over the business, and we, adopting her role, we will have to prepare the tastiest recipes for our customers. We will strive to learn those that remind them of the scents of the past and allow us to connect with them, so that we know one hundred percent of their interesting stories. A management video game tcool, laid back, and diametrically opposed to most free video games. An ode to slow play.

Back 4 Blood

But if what you are looking for is the opposite, it is; adrenaline, zombies, co-op and lots of action, you might be interested in taking a look at Back 4 Blood. his Open beta starts August 12, with what from this date you can test the spiritual heir of Left 4 Dead.

Route 96 and Twelve Minutes

More new blood for the month of August. Route 96 Yes Twelve minutes are the two indie games to watch this month. The first invites us to experience a procedurally generated road trip, a narrative adventure developed by DigixArt which will be released on PC, Swicth and Stadia. The second is the responsibility of the creator Luis Antonio Yes will put us in the shoes of a man who is trapped in the most delicate time loop. It’s a thriller that begins when what should be a romantic night turns into hell, with a detective breaking into the house accusing your wife of murder. Twelve Minutes will be released on PC and in the Xbox ecosystem, so we will run it in Xbox Game Pass.

Yakuza: like a dragon

Continue with Xbox Game Pass, if what you want is to immerse yourself in a fresh and different JRPG, give Yakuza: like a dragon. Great way to burn off the summer hours with a whole crazy genre like Ichiban Kasuga. Without a doubt, one of the best representatives of the generation in terms of the Japanese role.

Metroid Fusion and Metroid Samus are back

Samus Aran’s impending return invites us to take a look at the software that somehow relates to the impending Terror Metroid. And here we have two options. The first is Metroid Fusion, the fourth part of the saga and, consequently, the one located chronologically just before the new payment. All an excellent game released on Game Boy Advance almost 20 years ago and that it is still as valid as it was then. The second is Metroid: Samus Returns, the remake of Metroid II: Return of Samus (Game Boy, 1991). It was released in 2017, in the throes of a 3DS that was beginning to recede in favor of Switch. Developped by Mercury Steam, the title is a good configuration of the original and it was worth the study to get to support a whole new delivery.

Yoshi Island

We are still at Nintendo to put on the table one of the summer games par excellence: Super Mario World 2: Yoshi Island. The work of Takashi Tezuka arrived on Super Nintendo on August 5, 1995 in Japan, shortly before the release of Nintendo 64, which is why many gamers of the time missed it. But these platforms in a totally timeless jewel, a lesson in design and use of pixel art that is still fully valid almost 30 years later. A video game that is a twist on the original premise of Mario, requiring the player to stop, observe the scenery and explore to reach 100% in each of the imaginative phases that make it up. You can access it both with Mini SNES What via Switch if you have a Nintendo Online membership.


The magnum opus of Jonathan blow, a video game in which the puzzle becomes, more than ever, a language to be deciphered as we go along. His proposal arrived in 2016, and many of you might have it in your PS Plus or Epic Games Store account without even remembering it. If so, and you like puzzles, then proceed to installing it immediately. Not only He is one of the best representatives that the genre has given in all of its history., but also, both its rhythm and its aesthetics are perfect for summer.

The Legend of Zelda: Sky Sword

Despite the questionable price, the truth is that Skyward Sword, with a decade behind it, is by far one of the best video games to release in 2021. Its validity is total and its mastery, once defenestrated by the popular exhaustion which was breathed around the Wiimote, is presented today as a fresh and daring proposition. A game long to spend hours, but light in its development and with a visual section that blends wonderfully with the summer light.

It takes two

The latest proposal from Joseph Fares It is a tribute to the cooperative video game, an aspect which has always interested the author and which, on this occasion, takes its final consequences with an action adventure, puzzles and platforms that can only be played in the company of another person. So if you have a little more time than usual to share with your friends, it’s an excellent option to enjoy in the company of your partner (the most ideal) or the little ones in the house.

Saga No more heroes

The third installment of the Travis saga will arrive at the end of the month on Switch. So if you haven’t entered the eccentric world of Suda 51 (Killer 7), this is a great opportunity to do so. The two previous games (natural Wii) are present in the Nintendo Switch eShop. These are two adventures of mad and irreverent action with original combat systems, although yes, somewhat repetitive.

Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty

My summer match last year and one of the most revolutionary works I have ever encountered. A title which, in addition, in this era of disinformation, collective hysteria, and currents of opinion that drag most citizens, puts some topics on the table that are furiously current. Summer generally leaves us the space to dive into remarkable classics or revisit old works. If you haven’t infiltrated Raiden in a while, give him a chanceControlling can be a bit tough at first, but it’s worth every minute you invest.

The Grand Ace Attroney: Chronicles

We’re nearing the end with another just landed, this remastering assumes the western premiere of two unpublished installments. Difficulty? Both games arrive untranslated, so you will have to learn English. It is true that the required level is not very high, but you have to keep in mind that you will be reading a lot, so it can be tiring. If that’s not a problem, let’s go two authentic games that marinate with good humor, romantic myth and history to create a solid product from start to finish.

Super Mario Sun

And you’ll let me finish with my quintessential summer game, courtesy of Sonic Adventure 2, another one that could be here along with much of the Dreamcast catalog. Super Mario Sunshine makes us a part of Mario and Corporate Vacation in Isla Delfino, a tourist enclave in which all is not what it seems. The title, which was responsible for succeeding Super Mario 64 (there is nothing), introduces ACUAC, a device that allows Mario to manipulate water to his advantage, offering variety to the platform. Lots of exploration, dozens of exceptional phases and a representation of water which, despite nearly two decades behind it, continues to be as refreshing as it was then. You can play it on Switch via Super Maro 3D All-Stars, which, although not available in the eShop, still has copies available in physical format.

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