Bryce Harper’s game could lead NJ punters to cash NL MVP tickets


The strides lengthen, the opponents fade and the finish line is in sight. New Jersey online sports bettors turn more bullish than Phillies slugger Bryce harper, who has been in sprint mode since the All-Star break, will cross the finish line first in the National League MVP vote.

Harper, rightly, has become chalk with a capital C.

The most recent odds on DraftKings Sportsbook, -145, and BetMGM, -200, suggest that all bets are now open.

That’s Harper’s price to lose, and he responded with a tell-tale arsenal of great games. Harper literally pushed the Phillies to stay on the sidelines of the National East League and wild card races.

This is what MVPs do.

MVP Bryce Harper Odds Tracking

This represents a great collection for New Jersey punters, who have joined the Harper movement at various entry points.

Some jumped on Harper when he was in the +1500 neighborhood around the All-Star break. Others came in later and many pressed the Harper button inside +500.

They all sound prophetic.

Harper blew up his closest rival Fernando Tatis Jr. of San Diego Padres last weekend to take first place. Tatis is fighting. He fights with his teammate Manny Machado, the Padres are forgotten. Most importantly, Tatis doesn’t look like a much needed leader.

Harper does.

He can, in fact, play the best baseball of his life.

“Although it’s up to the guys who vote for the award, I think it comes down to who has done the most for their team. ” Johnny Avello, the director of racing and sports betting operations for DraftKings, said “Maybe a team weren’t that great, but because of one guy, they play a little better than a 0.500 ball and compete for a playoff spot. A guy like that should be in the mix.

“It’s not always about the team that won it,” he added. “Look at a team and think about what it would be like without this guy. “

For the Phillies, it’s easy. They reportedly made golf plans on September 1.

Harper has an array of clutch, base stroke and fieldwork strikes to keep the Phillies afloat. His bat produces races, his wheels make them, and his arm prevents a few.

Listen to the songs of the MVP at Citizens Bank Park

The “MVP” chants at Citizens Bank Park follow each of his great moments.

Like Wednesday.

Harper reduced the run tied to the plate with a volley ball throw from right field. The saved run led to the Phillies’ 4-3 triumph over the Baltimore Orioles.

Like Tuesday.

The Phillies were suspended, possibly in a playoff elimination, in the 10th inning against the Orioles.

As they trailed 2-1, it didn’t matter that Harper had recently moved up to 13 for 25, with 10 goals on the line to provide a base percentage of 66%. Or that his OPS for the season, on base and hit percentage, is the best in baseball.

It also didn’t seem to matter that he had 33 home runs, 80 RBIs and a .314 batting average.

Nope. What matters is that the Orioles made Harper walk the winning race on purpose. That left the Phillies with runners in the first and third with two strikeouts, on one run.

With a strike left to the Phillies, JT Realmuto hoisted an opposite field workout that will be caught up half the time. Fortunately for the Phillies, it wasn’t.

Harper fled with the banging of the bat. The ball was well lined up in right field and the throw was true. But a beating Harper beat him for a split second, sliding and touching the far corner of the plate with his hand.

Game over. The Phillies win.

This is what MVPs do.

The two triumphs that Harper helped preserve in two nights, without his lightning bat, reveal the unreal zone he finds himself in.

Just as it was in 2015, becoming the youngest MVP in the league at 23.

Bryce Harper’s Short History with the Phills

When the Phillies signed him to a $ 330 million contract over 13 years three years ago, he was the richest in North American sports history (and later eclipsed by Mike de Millville Trout of Los Angeles Angels). The Phillies knew they were getting a baseball player.

They didn’t surround him with pennant-winning talent.

So this year he’s wearing them.

Bettors remember the 42 homers and 338 total goals in 2015. It should be the second time he has wiped out 300 total goals, despite missing time with back spasms and a blow to the face with a pitch.

More than anything, fans and bettors alike see the lust, as Harper blames the offense.

His run around the bases against the Orioles revealed his thirst to help the team. And that’s a metaphor for how he played for several months, sprinting.

DraftKings watches over Bryce Harper

Asked about the. The NL MVP line’s rapid move over the past two weeks, Avello said, “Harper is a guy we’ve watched throughout the year.”

“Sometimes the money comes in and we move the line, but sometimes we move the line without the money. You see the odds change often because it’s the type of category that we have to watch every day and make adjustments accordingly, ”said Avello.

“There is no reason to give a player +400 odds (and get pounded by big players making big bets) when he really belongs at +200.

“It’s a two-man race now,” he added. “There really isn’t enough time for other players to have a big run.”

New Jersey bettors are right in the middle of this complicated puzzle in the two leagues, which have different histories.

Harper is not a dangerous pick for books. Heavy money in the New York market accompanied at Jacob de Grom dream launch season for the New York food until he was injured near the All-Star break. So was Ronald Acuna Jr. of the Atlanta Braves, who also made a lot of money, with Tatis Jr.

Two of the book’s biggest liabilities won’t fit.

The American League is a slightly different story

Garden State players went nuts two years ago when Trout won his third MVP and the first in the age of legalized sports betting. They loaded up again in March, making him the pre-season favorite. But the trout were lost for the June season, paving the way for the Ohtani Tsunami.

Shohei Ohtani had already taken a silver wave of +6000 to +1500 before the start of the season. May’s injury to Trout led to Ohtani becoming a runaway winner.

Ohtani will be a money loser for the pounds, but at least the trout bets help make up for it.

New Jersey punters can nostalgically imagine what could have been: Harper for the Phillies and Millville Mike as an MVP.

For now, they’ll be happy to take Harper.

Photo AP / Matt Slocum

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