Britain will be drowned in radioactive tsunami missile strike, Kremlin propaganda warns – Reuters

Dmitry Kiselyov has warned that Russia’s Satan-2 missile will hit the UK first and will be followed by its Poseidon underwater rocket which will send 500m tsunami waves splashing across the UK

Dmitry Kiselyov has threatened the UK after false statements in Moscow suggesting the PM should attack the Kremlin

A Vladimir Putin puppet has said Britain is about to be ‘thrown into the sea’ as he rants that Russia could send 500m radioactive tidal waves splashing across the country.

Dmitry Kiselyov, dubbed the tyrant’s chief propagandist, told Russian state television that the Kremlin would strike first with its hypersonic missile known as Satan-2.

And in scenes straight out of the cheesiest straight-to-DVD sci-fi movie, he added that it would be followed by an attack with his “underwater robot drone”, known as Poseidon.

He believes the weapon would send a giant tsunami sweeping across mainland Britain, turning the country into a “radioactive wasteland”.

The threat came after Russian media claimed Boris Johnson had threatened the Kremlin with a nuclear strike.

The bizarre threat was made on Russian state TV by a Putin lackey


Rossiya 1 / east2west news)

Kiselyov, doing his best impression of a James Bond villain, said on his Vesti Nedeli talk show: “What will happen after Boris Johnson’s words about a retaliatory strike on Russia ?

“Why are they threatening vast Russia with nuclear weapons when they are just a small island? The island is so small that a single Sarmat missile is enough to drown it once and for all.

“The Russian Sarmat missile [aka Satan-2]the most powerful in the world… is capable of… destroying an area the size of Texas or England.

“One launch, Boris, and there’s no more England. Once for all. Why are they playing games? »

Kiselyov said Russia would send a tidal wave over the UK in a mad TV rant


Rossiya 1 / east2west news)

Kiselyov – who would be watched avidly by Putin along with another outspoken propagandist Vladimir Soloviev – added: “Another option to plunge Britain into the depths of the sea is the Russian underwater robotic drone Poseidon.

“It approaches the target at a depth of one kilometer at the speed of 200 kilometers per hour [125mph]. There is no way to stop this underwater drone.

“It has a warhead with a capacity of up to 100 megatons.

“The explosion of this thermonuclear torpedo near the British coast will raise a giant wave, a tsunami, up to 500 meters [1,640ft] high.

The Bizarre Menace Looks Like a 007 Movie



“This tidal wave also carries extremely high doses of radiation.

“Rising above Britain, it will turn what is probably left of it into a radioactive wasteland, definitely unusable for anything.”

Downing Street last week dismissed its apparent impending strike against Russia as “another example of disinformation being peddled by the Kremlin”.

The Sarmat hypersonic 208-ton “Satan-2” intercontinental ballistic missile has a speed of 15,880 mph and is declared by the head of the Kremlin to be “unstoppable”.

The threat came after a fake news bulletin in Russia announced that the UK was going to attack the Kremlin


Getty Images)

The Poseidon – being readied for service – is described as a giant nuclear-capable torpedo.

Details of its 125mph high-speed underwater propulsion system of the atomic-powered underwater drone are considered top secret.

Putin boasted of having an “unlimited range” and said three years ago: “The work is going according to plan”.

Dmitry Rogozin, head of Russia’s Roscosmos space agency, said last week: “Boris, if Sarmat is used, none of you will consult each other.

“And there will be no one to do your hair, Prime Minister.”

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