Apple Arcade adds a new Frogger, a new Cooking Mama and a new Yu Suzuki game in June

The June 2022 Apple Arcade lineup has been revealed, with a trio of big Japanese names coming to the service throughout the month.

June begins with Frogger and the Rumbling Ruins, the latest addition to the historic Frogger franchise. Konami is developing the game in-house, replacing Q Games which developed Frogger In Toy Town in 2019 also for Apple Arcade.

Cooking Mama: Cuisine is next on the schedule, bringing an all-new Cooking Mama experience to the service on June 17. This new edition is notably developed by Office Create Corp. not 1st Player Productions, developers of the controversial Cooking Mama: Cookstar launched in March 2020.

Ys Net – founded by Shenmue creator Yu Suzuki – completes the Japanese trio on June 24 with the release of Air Twister, a linear fantasy endless shooter. Players will control Princess Arch and fight their way through enemies in an effort to save her homeland. The game will also feature music from Dutch artist Valensia, who has recorded 19 new songs for the game.

The full list of Apple Arcade June updates is below.

Arcade Originals

  • Frogger and the Rumbling Ruins (Konami, June 3)
    • After the hit Apple Arcade game Frogger in Toy Town, a brand new Frogger game is springing into action. Players will fight their way through puzzle-filled ruins and unravel the mysteries of ancient salients. Simple and intuitive three-dimensional puzzles will keep players on their toes as they guide Frogger through 100 fun stages with various traps and enemies around every corner.
  • Mom Cooking: Cooking! (Office Create Corp., June 17)
    • It’s time to master the kitchen in the next installment of the popular Japanese video game franchise where players unlock delicious recipes and cook them to perfection. But unlike other games in the series, Cooking Mama: Kitchen! adds a fun new twist to the mix. Rather than selecting a recipe, players will first choose ingredients, find a combination that works together, and then start cooking. The only way to know what is served with the selected ingredients is to cook it. Players will feel the heat as they prepare delicious meals before time runs out in a series of fun, simple and easy-to-play mini-games.
  • Air Twister (YS Net, June 24)
    • Soar through the skies in this brand new endless fantasy shooter from legendary game creator Yu Suzuki. Players will assume the role of Princess Arch battling bizarre invaders to save their planet from destruction. They will rain down their homing arrows to trace graceful arcs of light across beautifully crafted stages, before piercing their foes. With a fun, easy-to-swipe touchscreen game mechanic, the fate of the planet is in the hands of the player.

Big names in the App Store

  • Puzzle by MobilityWare+ (MobilityWare, June 10)
    • The game features the largest and finest collection of puzzles ranging from iconic brands like Disney, Hasbro and many more. With many categories and genres to choose from, Jigsaw Puzzle features over 29,000 puzzles with players sorting and moving pieces on the board and filling in the edges, just like the real thing. Only now can players take the puzzle wherever they go. Playing the puzzles is leisurely and relaxing, with players having various options to customize the game, including changing the range of piece sizes, showing only edge pieces, storing puzzles in a tray, or having access to hints and preview of the image.

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