Anime Merchandise: Yu-Gi-Oh! Obtain fashion collaborations

Yu Gi Oh! clothes from BAIT and Tuned in Tokyo | Source: BAIT/Tuned in Tokyo

As part of an ongoing effort to expand its merchandise offerings for young fans, Konami Cross Media is taking Yu-Gi-Oh! into the fashion world with a variety of new apparel partnerships.

The first of the new merchandising makers to offer Yu-Gi-Oh apparel is BAIT, a sneaker, apparel, and collectibles brand based in Yu-Gi-Oh! is available at the store now, offering a variety of t-shirts, hoodies and hats decorated with the popular Yu-Gi-Oh! characters. The adorable KuriBoh Hat, which features the fuzzy creature embroidered on a denim baseball cap, above the BAIT logo, stands out in the range. The full line is available at, with prices ranging from $38 to $75.

There’s also a new Yu-Gi-Oh! available from Tuned in Tokyo, a brand that caters to the Japanese automotive community. Apparel offerings in this collection include a wide selection of stylish hoodies and t-shirts that incorporate the Tuned in Tokyo logo, Japanese script, and fan-favorite Yu-Gi-Oh! characters. This collection is available on, with prices ranging from $30 to $70.

The remaining Yu-Gi-Oh! fashion collaborations have a more international focus, including partnerships with Bershka and Park Agencies to increase the brand’s presence in Europe.

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