2022 iPhone 14 (Interim) Rumor Has Been “Completely Redesigned”


iPhone 14

This year’s iPhone 13 series was only a minor change, except that the product name was “iPhone 12s” before launch, and the new processor was installed and the camera toughened. However, there are rumors that the 2022 iPhone 14 (interim) series is expected to be “completely redesigned”.

Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman, who knows the Apple insider well, looks at rumors about the iPhone 14 in the latest issue of the Power On newsletter. In other words, “a new, regularly priced model and a Pro model, and a complete overhaul”, are expected. “This year’s minor change (iPhone 13) means Apple engineers were working behind the scenes on something bigger and longer,” he added.

There are rumors that the iPhone 14 will be redesigned, and Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst who has a reputation for predicting unreleased Apple products, said the Pro model has no notch and a perforated display. (front camera and front camera). Place the Face ID related parts at the bottom of the screen and drill a hole in the screen to ensure visibility)Repeatedly stated??

Additionally, Jon Prosser, a leaker (a person who submits influential information about unreleased products of interest) on YouTuber, said he actually saw the “iPhone 14 Pro Max”.The rendered image has been published.??

As for the iPhone 14 range, the 5.4 inch mini model was discontinued and the “iPhone 14 Max”, ie the regular 6.7 inch model, was added. Accordingly, the setting should be “iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Max, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Pro Max”.

Another thing that catches the eye in the iPhone 14 generation is whether Touch ID will be adopted at the bottom of the screen. The other day Gourman said, “I was testing the iPhone 13 prototype, but the adoption was postponed. “.I was sayingOn the other hand, Mr Kuo said that “development progress is below expectations” and that it will not be adopted on the iPhone 14 and will be a 2023 model.I was talking??

And the iPhone that has a bright future is the foldable type. Kuo expects it to go on sale in 2024 (postponed from the initial forecast to 2023), but Gourman also said Apple is developing its own foldable device and “it could be released in a few years.” weather situation.


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