15 Weirdest Nintendo Game Boy Games Ever

15. Pinball of the Dead

If you think Typing of the dead is the strangest point of house of death‘s story, then you’ve probably never heard of pinball of the dead; the game that is exactly what you think it is. A zombie-themed pinball game for the Game Boy Advance is odd no matter how you choose to look at it, but it’s this game’s elaborate presentation and cinematic flair that puts it way above that.

What’s really weird, though, is that this game is actually really, really good. Yes, it’s just a digital pinball machine, but it’s definitely one of the best options for anyone looking for a digital pinball game to play on the go. Why did they stop getting weirder and weirder house of death spin off ? Most of them were great.

Robopon game boy

14. Robopon

On the surface, Robopon looks like another entry in a long line of Pokemon scams made for the game boy and Gameboy color. In many ways, that’s exactly what it’s all about. Still, this robot collecting/battle game had one really weird gimmick that set it apart from almost everything else.

To see the Robopon cartridges came with built-in infrared sensors that could detect inputs from common household appliances. So you can do something like point your TV remote at the canister and receive a seemingly random perk, like a stat boost. These same sensors also allowed players to swap characters wirelessly. While technologically impressive on its own, this whole concept (commonly referred to as “GB Kiss”) never really caught on.

Monkey Puncher Game Boy Color

13. Punch Monkey

First of all, puncher monkey is just a big name for a game. I’d gladly play multiple entries in a “Puncher” franchise (Dude Puncher, Fish Puncher, Kick Puncher, etc.). While that name says a lot about the game itself (it’s a boxing title featuring monkeys), everything else about this title is truly surprising.

After all, few games start with your father and brother being kidnapped by monkey gangsters. Fewer games then require you to fight your way through a boxing league of monkeys in order to rescue them. Of course, there’s only one game that also lets you have monkey kids that can carry on your boxing legacy, and, you guessed it, that’s puncher monkey.

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