15 SNES Games You Didn’t Know Were Censored

Aside from religious content, the biggest target of the trigger of a stopwatchThe censor was Ayla. In the original version of the game, Ayla was a violent, fun-loving, hard-drinking companion who was likely bisexual. In the Western version of the game, virtually all of these elements have been removed or toned down. However, it’s pretty easy to see these aspects of the character shine through even in the censored version of the game.

14. Harvest Moon

You may already know that the villagers from the original version of harvest moon really enjoyed relaxing at the end of a hard day by heading to the tavern and knocking down a few. You may also know that Nintendo almost always removes all references to alcohol from SNES games. So, although it is logical (given the context of the time) that harvest moonThe liquor from was changed to “juice” in the game’s West Port, the fact that villagers in the game always seem to get drunk on this “juice” strongly suggests that someone involved in this port wasn’t too much anxious to please the censors.

What’s even more interesting than the things that got censored in this game are some of the things that weren’t. For example, harvest moon features several appearances of crosses and much discussion of religion. While religion and crosses have appeared in some Western SNES titles, it’s rare to see them appear so prominently. Perhaps Nintendo felt that the healthy context of the game negated the offensive potential of the imagery?

Actraiser SNES censorship

13. Actraise

Unlike some of the games we’ll be discussing, it’s really no surprise to learn that a game like Actress were to be censored according to some of the content standards of the time. What you might find a little more surprising are the many ways in which gaming censorship has really altered the scope and intended impact of the RPG story.

See, the original version of Actress featured God and Satan in lead roles. Nintendo was obviously worried about releasing a game in the West that relied heavily on religious elements, but it wasn’t like they could rewrite the whole game just to remove all of that. So, they decided to leave Satan and God, but rename them Tanzra and The Master respectively. They also tweaked several character designs to remove things like horns and anything that could be easily associated with traditional religious concepts.

The Legend of Censorship Mystical Ninja SNES

12. The legend of the mystical ninja

While the vast majority of The legend of the mystical ninja survived the porting process (although some translation issues hampered the enjoyment), some of the game’s “theatrics” sequences took on a huge following. In fact, you might be surprised at how risky the original version of the game was.

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