12 ways to refresh your workspace with wellness in mind

Not to get too philosophical here, but it’s human nature to want to self-optimize. We are always looking for ways to enrich our lives so we can continue to feel better – whether that means lemon water in the morning, daily movement, or a carefully curated bedtime routine. But is our wellness journey supposed to be paused while we’re at work? I do not think so. After all, we spend a third of our lives at work, which is even more of a reason to design our workspaces with our well-being in mind. Whether you work in the office, remotely or both, there are plenty of ways to support your well-being at work – from stimulating stationery and planters to oddly satisfying storage, tech accessories and our new favorite desk blanket. Read on to discover some of our favorites and discover more in the Design Milk Shop!

Nothing feeds stress and anxiety at work like a cluttered desk – which makes this Orbitkey desk mat a must-have. For starters, it protects your desktop surface from stains and scratches. But it also brings structure and organization to your workspace, with a handy toolbar that holds your favorite pens for easy access and a pull-out magnetic cable holder. The best part, though? The secret stash of documents. Simply peel off the top layer of the mat and you’ll have a convenient resting place for important documents you want to keep away from your desk.

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revov box

Speaking of an organized desk, Mordeco’s Revov Magnetic Tray Box is the ultimate base for all your workspace essentials. Store your most-used writing tools and accessories in one of the compartments in its wooden top, and larger items like chargers, AirPods and highlighters in the aluminum box. You’ll love the clean, modern look the tray box brings to your workspace, and the uncanny satisfaction you get every time you open the magnetic “floating” lid.

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wfa organizer

Perfect for commuters or professionals working on the go, Native Union’s new WFA (Work From Anywhere) Tech Organizer will keep all your tech essentials neat and tangle-free – minimizing stress so you can take care of your to-do list . Made from recycled materials, the WFA organizer looks like a sleek, modern clutch on the outside and an organization powerhouse on the inside, full of pockets and handy holders for everything in your arsenal technological. Find more Native Union accessories in the Design Milk Shop.

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laptop sleeve

Issara’s leather laptop sleeve protects your MacBook and important documents from bumps and scratches. The lightweight padding provides extra protection and the handy interior pocket is perfect for storing extra cables and chargers. Designed with thoughtful and elegant details like rounded and hand-burnished edges that give it a luxurious feel, polished Japanese zippers accented with leather pull tabs and gray cotton twill lining, this laptop sleeve doubles as a timeless and on-trend accessory.

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tetra puzzle

If you’re hit with a creative block or just need a break from your computer screen, Craighill’s Tetra Puzzle is sure to get the wheels spinning. The mechanical puzzle is made up of four identical stainless steel pieces that seem incredibly easy to put together – when in fact, taking it apart is just as difficult (if not more so). Solving it is a fun mental exercise between calls or meetings, and when you’re not trying to solve it, the Tetra Puzzle makes modern office decor (and even works as a paperweight).

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azio keyboard

Tried and tested by tech editor Gregory Han, AZIO’s Wireless Classic Retro Keyboard brings back the joy of answering emails and fulfills all of our typewriter fantasies. Rounded keys provide the same “clicky” tactile experience of retro typewriters, with the addition of modern upgrades such as backlit keys, a metal alloy frame, and a smooth natural wood finish for added decorative appeal. Easy to connect via Bluetooth or USB, the Classic Retro Keyboard is an easy way to enhance the look of your desk and make everyday tasks more enjoyable.

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spring planter

Having plants in your workspace has been shown to help combat stress and boost productivity – so why not maximize feel-good energy with a fun, modern planter? The whimsical silhouette of flowers on the spring planter from Capra Designs injects a little cheer into your workday. Designed in Australia and handcrafted in small batches, the spring planter includes a drainage tray at its base to keep plant friends healthy and thriving. It comes in ocher and purple-mauve colors, although we love the bright, terrazzo look of the White/Agave Speckle!

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project planner

A colorful workspace is a happy workspace – and the bold lime color of Poketo’s Project Planner is the vibe your office needs. Complete with weekly, monthly, and yearly sections, this sleek planner helps you keep tabs on short- and long-term goals, with space to track over 100 projects and their respective tasks. The open date design gives you the flexibility to start planning as soon as you need it, and the process sections provide extra space for additional notes and tasks.

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diffuser lamp

Gingko’s Smart Diffuser Lamp is the ultimate 3-in-1. It emits a warm ambient glow that is a welcome upgrade from the fluorescent glare of conventional desk lamps, adding a cozy feel to your workspace. The copper plate on top allows you to subtly diffuse your favorite essential oils throughout your workspace, promoting a feeling of calm and focus while you work. And the walnut material adds natural texture and warmth to your workspace!

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drill room throw

New to Happy Habitat, the Wiggle Room Throw Blanket is our answer to the much-needed desk blanket – workspaces can be cold after all! Ethically made from a blend of ultra-soft, recycled fibers, the Wiggle Bedroom Throw offers a cozy feel that’s perfect for staying warm and cozy while working at your desk. The curved doodle pattern is sure to brighten up your workday! It’s also available in black and blue, but we love the neutral and warm vibe of the vanilla colourway.

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heated neck warmer

We’ve all been there – feeling sore after slouching and staring at our computer screens all day. Thankfully, Ostrichpillow’s Heated Neck Wrap provides relief before you even need it, providing gentle pressure and warmth to help ease neck and shoulder tension. The soft fabric cover helps retain the wrap’s warmth, while the clay beads inside wick moisture from the air and radiate heat to work your pressure points. Wear it on long zoom calls, during breaks, or put it in the freezer for a cool, refreshing feeling.

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porter bottle

Stay hydrated all day (and avoid disposable water cooler cups) by having a water bottle for the workspace. The Porter Terrazzo bottle is made of lightweight, durable glass and wrapped in a silicone coating for added protection. Perfectly sized to toss in your bag on the go, incorporating this eco-friendly reusable bottle into your routine can help you save up to 300 disposable plastic bottles from landfills! Plus, the colorful terrazzo design is sure to spruce up your desk!

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