10 best horror games on Roblox

Players looking for scary horror games where they have to run away from creatures, killers and monsters or run away from sudden jumps can jump to Roblox where they will find a variety of different experiences.

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There are so many horror games available for free on Roblox. While some are based on outdoor games and include well-known characters from movies and TV shows, others create terrifying new experiences. These are the ones that are guaranteed to send a chill down any player’s spine, fill them with adrenaline, or even scream. While there are hundreds of games that gamers might want to try out, only a few have managed to stand out the most.

ten 3008

The 3008 by uglyburger0 is one of the best dark horror games on Roblox because it has a lot of dark twists and turns. Players will have to build a base in a run down IKEA and try to survive the night against angry IKEA workers.

Players must quickly build a base with the furniture in the store before dark. After dark, angry IKEA employees emerge and hunt down the players who are not safe at their bases. Players must collect food in the store to regain health and energy. Once the day has returned, players can rebuild and roam freely and wait until nightfall.

9 Survive the killer

a jason roblox figurine with a knife chasing other characters

Survive the killer is a turn based game from Slyce Entertainment with lots of iconic killers like Jason, Pennywise and Slenderman etc. Players must flee from the killer or sometimes even become one.

Survive the killer has multiple cards that players vote on each turn. At the start of the turn, one player will be chosen at random as the killer, and the other players must survive the turn together. The player chosen to become the killer chooses which iconic slasher star he wants to be for the turn, and his goal is to get rid of all the other players.


8 Casual board game

Casual board game from Morbid Games is a spooky experience filled with scares, loud noises and flashing lights. Players interact with a realistic looking Ouija board and immerse themselves in the “relaxed board game”.

Players must sit at a table and use the Ouija Board to communicate with an entity that appears to be in the room with them. They can ask multiple questions and receive answers, but they will want to be wary of what they are asking and not anger the being. Scary noises can be heard around the player depending on interactions, such as breathing, a piano, and footsteps. Players must survive by keeping the candles lit and not angering the entity they are communicating with.

seven Bakon

Pink beard games ” Bakon Horror survival game offers a scary experience with a touch of humor. This is another turn based game where players take turns becoming the monster while the rest have to survive.

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Players vote on different maps and mods, allowing bots as well as character creatures to roam around. Survivors must flee from the monsters to collect hidden keys and items on the map that will help them escape. Players selected as the Bakon monster can choose from different skins, some requiring a purchase and chasing their victims before escaping. Short loading screens and pre-turn cutscenes add humor to this dark game.

6 Pig

Pig by MiniToon is an exciting experience that offers quite a story with scares and suspense. Players must survive each chapter to unravel the mystery behind who Piggy is.

Players dive through multiple rounds, each listed as chapters of this unique story experience. They have to navigate a dangerous place and find clues and items to help them escape. As they roam the map, the piggies are on the prowl, ready to knock out unexpected victims with their baseball bats. As players complete their objectives in each round, they must pay attention to the cutscenes as they continue the story and explain the haunting tale of one of the scariest monsters, Piggy.

5 Diskette play time

Diskette play time by Omniprofit is based on the popular horror game Poppy’s recreation, but this version of the horror game is available completely for free on Roblox. Players must uncover the secrets of Floppy’s Factory and why everyone who worked there has seemingly disappeared.

Diskette play time is a horror puzzle game that players can dive into on their own or team up with three others to play. They must explore a deserted factory, avoiding the spooky toys that come to life and Floppy himself chasing them. Their goal is to solve puzzles to uncover the truth about what happened at the factory and ultimately come out alive.

4 Flee the installation

AW Apps’ Flee the installation is a horror escape game that requires teamwork and strategy. Players must hide and flee from the beast or risk being captured in their struggle to escape the facility.

One player will become the beast, and the others will have to complete items to escape the facility, hiding from the beast as he tries to stop them. They must work together to hack computers and unlock exits. However, the beast is alerted whenever a computer is used, which makes it a difficult excursion to escape players and requires them to put a lot of strategy into it.

3 Mimic

Mimic by MUCDICH is another story-based horror game on Roblox that offers a unique and terrifying experience. Each chapter allows players to dive into a mysterious place and slowly unravel a dark story.

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Mimic is a Japanese-inspired horror game with chapters and soon several books that will open up new characters and storylines. The player can choose to live the experience alone or join other players using voice chat to communicate. In this world, inspired by Japanese history and urban legends, they can explore, find secrets and collect different objects that help them discover. Players should beware of anything lurking in the shadows and be prepared for jumps, loud noises, and flashing lights.

2 Alone in a dark house

a dark figure with vivid red eyes stands in a blurry room

Alone in a dark house by umamidayo is one of the best horror games on Roblox which was even shortlisted for the award for “Best Solo Horror Game” at the Bloxy Awards 2020. Players take on the role of a private investigator as they head to a crime scene of a brutal murder, only to uncover dark secrets about a family there.

Alone in a dark house can be played solo or with others who can communicate with spatial voice chat. This mysterious horror game guarantees players a spooky experience where they must uncover hidden secrets, solve the strange case and survive in the haunted house. They have to find clues and collect items that can help them, like flashlights to see in the dark. With stunning visuals and horrific sounds, this game turns out to be one of the best horror games available on Roblox.

1 Deep awakening

Deep awakening by Vows by the Sea is an experience that requires the purchase of 400 Robux but well worth it. This game is not only scary, but it’s filled with adventure, discovery and development.

Players can discover a whole new world within this experience, where they can unlock special abilities, create a unique character, and explore an unknown realm in the midst of a huge sea. This difficult game is ruthless, and if a character falls, they are definitely dead and must start over from the beginning. Players can navigate the sea exploring, but must beware of the horrors lurking beneath the dark waters.

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