10 best games with cute visuals like Little Misfortune

Some gamers play video games to escape their daily life or the problems they might face. A getaway from work, bills or everyday problems. While some players pursue a challenge in games like Dark souls Where Cup head, many look to a more enjoyable experience when they step away from time for a few hours.

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games like Little misfortune provide gamers with cute visuals and a compelling story to occupy their time. Little misfortune is definitely not the first game to seek out a pretty aesthetic. Many developers work tirelessly to create unique and gripping games to capture the minds of gamers. Whether using hand-drawn illustrations or playful graphics, many gamers are drawn to cute designs that few games tend to capture perfectly.

ten La TOHU combines the strange with the adorable

Screenshot of TOHU

Point-and-click games that can melt gamers’ hearts are hard to find. TOHU works to correct this by introducing players to The Girl and her unique world of fish-shaped planets. The pretty visuals exhibited in TOHU entice players in while the eerie story keeps them going.

TOHU was released in early 2021 and has since gained a small number of followers. Gamers looking for cute visuals and intriguing storylines will certainly find a lot to love in the point-and-click adventure game.

9 Solve Cute Mystery in Haunted Island: Frog Detective Game

The Haunted Island: A Frog Detective game characters

Putting yourself in the shoes of a detective to solve a mystery is not a motif that is rarely found in video games. Haunted Island: A Frog Detective Game gives players a unique twist by placing them in Frog Detective’s webbed shoes. To start the adventure, Frog Detective grabs his magnifying glass and goes in search of the ghost that everyone hears on the island.

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Visual style is one of the Haunted islandmost convincing features. Every character and backdrop from the original first person exploration game is simply cute and hand drawn. The short adventure provides the same sensations Little misfortune provides players.

8 Wattam comes from the bizarre mind behind Katamari Damacy

Wattam characters

Players who remember and appreciate the strange journey that Katamari Damacy places where players will meet at home Wattam. Every character in the world of Wattam is colorful and full of energy. The adorable atmosphere is infectious as players soak up the charm of its world.

With puzzles to complete in coop or solo, Wattam offers players a concentrated dose of joy. In an effort to repopulate the world with anthropomorphized friends, everything in Wattam gives the player a smiley face and laughs.

7 Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Offers Smiles and Frustration

Screenshot of Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout

Colorful is the word used to describe the most played game on To smoke. A mix between the cult classic TV show Takeshi Castle and beans in costumes, Fall guys: ultimate knockout tasks players with competing against each other to reach the end first in a wild obstacle course.

Charming and adorable styling will help gamers forget how frustrated they are in battle royale type gameplay. With an appearance that everything in the world is made of Jell-O, Fall guys: ultimate knockout fills player screens with the same cute visuals players come from Little misfortune appreciate.

6 Recover a childhood sense of Halloween in Costume Quest 2

Costume Quest 2 Main Characters

Double Fine Productions has no shortage of cute games with delicious visuals. Costume Quest 2 delivers Halloween fun without the scares that usually come with it alongside adorable protagonists Everett, Lucy, Wren and Reynold. The role-playing adventure battling dentists and watching candy scatter across the screen is sure to bring a smile to gamers along with the characters.

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Costume Quest 2 perfectly captures the childhood sense of Halloween, and dressing up the characters in cute costumes and outfits never loses its charm. Gamers looking for cutest artwork have a lot to find Costume Quest 2.

5 Scribblenauts Unlimited is cute from every angle

Unlimited Scribblenauts screenshot

Creativity is at the heart of Unlimited scribblenauts, and any word the player can come up with to solve a particular puzzle is valuable. The Scribbles the universe revolves around a magic notebook which invokes everything that is written there. If a cat can solve a puzzle, scribble the cat in the notebook, and a cat is summoned for the player to do with it.

Healthy creativity and cute characters are what make Unlimited scribblenauts special. Gamers looking for cute visuals will definitely be surprised how much they enjoy this sandbox puzzle game.

4 Find happiness anywhere before your eyes

Screenshot in front of your eyes

How a player interacts with a game can be just as important as the characters and story depicted. In front of your eyes is a variation of traditional gameplay by having the player interact with the world through eye tracking and blinking.

Hand drawn watercolor style visuals help tell a heartbreaking story of loss and its impact on those around it. The cute visuals hide the very real story being told, and it’s a heartfelt experience. Under your eyes gamers will wipe away their tears once the cute visuals catch them.

3 Night In The Woods combines cute with modern struggles

Screenshot Night in the woods

Zoomorphic humans as the main characters are sure to peak at anyone’s cute scale. Night in the woods is a side-scrolling exploration and adventure game telling the story of coming home and seeing everything differently as an adult. However, the many humans / animals that the player interacts with are sure to smile.

The lessons learned through her story are honest, and seeing the world through Mae Borowski’s cat eyes is charming, if a little odd. The beautiful tale is sure to bring memories of Little misfortune‘s adventures for happiness.

2 Anna’s Quest is a spooky tale with cute visuals

Screenshot of Anna's quest

Little misfortune offers players a juxtaposition in visuals and story. Provide more mature drama paired with adorable artwork. Anna’s Quest gives players those same feelings of disconnection. A point-and-click adventure game designed by Daedalic Entertainment, which has a long history in the genre.

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Players take control of Anna and use her telekinetic powers to solve puzzles and communicate with the dead in a dark, hand-drawn story of discovery. Players who want more of the dark atmosphere provided in Little misfortune are sure to enjoy Anna’s quest.

1 Cute Yokai Inn Visuals Can Make Anyone Smile

Screenshot of Yokai Inn

Adorable life sims aren’t hard to come by in the indie world. Yokai Inn will be another to add to the list that will put gamers smiling while playing. Talking with cute villagers, mining gems and ore, and running a restaurant are all wrapped up in a cute and delicious Japanese folk tale.

The cute visuals are reminiscent of other pixel art games. Yokai Inn is a mixture of Studio ghibli, Animal crossing, and Harvest Moon. With Yokai Inn still in development, it might seem like an eternity before players get their hands on this lovely adventure.

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