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Loans today are a commodity that, like any other, are compared by consumers. The market has become almost confusing, a comparison is hardly possible without help. However, the credit price comparison not only looks at the cost of a loan, but also gives valuable tips on the topic of “loans” and, for example, the question “What must be considered in a loan income ?”.

  • An online loan price comparison lists the cheapest providers and helps with the decision.
  • In addition to the APR, the total cost of the loan is disclosed.
  • The cheapest loan offers not only the lowest interest rates and loan fees, but also the best conditions.

The big loans comparison

The big loans comparison

Which loan is right for me “. With the volume of providers, a credit test is the right solution to see which loan can be rated as the best loan. If you are looking for a loan, you want the best conditions. Analyzing the entire market is hardly possible. Best assistance is offered by a credit price comparison on the Internet.

It takes only three inputs to get an overview of the cheapest providers.

    • In addition to the loan amount, the term and the purpose are still needed.
    • Entering the purpose is not necessarily mandatory, but can lead to savings if the loan is to finance a car. Some banks offer more favorable conditions for a Schufa car loan, since the collateral position by depositing the car letter is much easier.

In comparison, then the providers, listed by the APR, listed. The nominal interest rate is usually given in a range. On the one hand it depends on the loan term, on the other hand on the creditworthiness of the applicant, and there are also loans without credit check.

Who plays a little with the term, will find that it can come at different maturities quite a shift of suppliers. However, interested parties only learn the actual interest when they request their individual offer. The rating of the creditworthiness, and thus the underlying interest rate, borrowers learn only with the offer of the bank. For this reason, it may be useful to submit a request to several banks, as the credit rating is not uniform. 

Price Comparison Credit: A credit winner has a lot to bring

Price Comparison Credit: A credit winner has a lot to bring

A clear advantage of the credit price comparison is the fact that the current test winner can be included in the decision of loan seekers. In a search of the best deals in-house this is usually not recognizable at first glance, because with many different open websites, the overview is lost quite quickly. Different with a direct credit comparison through an online calculator. The winner of the price comparison credit is placed directly in the first place and provided with a link. But the best credit should not only be characterized by good interest rates.

  • The highest valuations can only be achieved with above-average conditions, because every bank wants to attract customers with a low interest rate.

In addition, the test winner also has outstanding cost ratios when processing the loan request.

  • Here is waived on a closing fee and the customer should not be charged with additional charges. Unfortunately, this is not the case with all banks.

In the foreground of a price comparison credit, of course, with the best loan, the customer should always be available and the respective individual situation taken into account. Do you want to repay an installment loan, apply for a student loan, or provide mobile phone financing through a loan ? Every borrower is different, which is why credit institutions that are at the top of the list are characterized by financial flexibility for the consumer. This includes, inter alia, the granting of premature repayment of the loan through free special payments. Another plus is when this is possible at any time. As well as enough money for early replacement can be present, financial bottlenecks are not uncommon. Payment of the monthly rate is then more difficult.

The intended use plays no major role in the credit of Metabank

  • Credit providers can therefore convince with a rate suspension.

However, this does not necessarily have to be the case, because the borrower usually checks before borrowing whether he can pay the monthly installments. It should generally never be too tightly calculated.

The service orientation and customer service are the focus of customer orientation. Banks that can not provide sufficient support for their customers with questions about the offer or are difficult to reach have no chances of winning. In the service, of course, the online presence plays with pure.

  • A structured structure helps the borrowers to orient themselves. In addition, the website is often the first impression consumers get from a financial institution.
  • Transparency regarding the fees and costs of the credit must be a test winner not only on their own website, but also in the final loan agreement. If a borrower does not feel well informed, he will quickly step back from a degree.

Again and again, the subject of premature redemption is the topic of conversation. Metabank offers its customers the option of making special repayments at any time and in any amount – without prepayment penalty or other costs. It goes without saying that the direct bank dispenses with the legally disputed closing fees.

However, as mentioned earlier, the financial situation of clients can also become more difficult and the credit can be a heavy burden on the household budget. The Metabank is characterized by solutions for every need. In this case, consumers should contact the bank directly to find a solution. It is conceivable to increase the loan or the additional credit line to bridge the liquidity shortage. The customer friendliness of the Metabank is therefore confirmed in this point.

That makes the Metabank the best credit:

  • No processing fee
  • Free special redemptions possible at any time
  • Immediate confirmation after a few minutes
  • Long return policy of 30 days
  • Credit increase and loan debt possible
  • Favorable interest rates, regardless of the credit rating
  • Service hotline available 24 hours
  • Credit volumes from 5,000 to 50,000 euros

However, jobseekers, the self-employed or business customers can not benefit from this attractive offer. The requirements at a glance:

  • Residence in Germany
  • Sufficient credit rating
  • Regulated income
  • majority

The Metabank is considered not only because of the fixed price credit and the many other financing offers as a serious provider, but also because of the experience. Customers can seek personal contact with employees via telephone or video call and seek advice. The deposits of the bank speak for themselves: With more than 1.5 billion euros per person, the funds of customers are well secured.