Car finance: cash purchase, loan from the car dealer or leasing?

Who wants to buy a new vehicle, is often faced with the choice of how he should finance it. As a basic options are cash purchase, a vehicle loan or leasing available. All variants have different advantages and disadvantages: Leasing a vehicle Lease is a special kind of rent. When the contract expires, it is […]

Loans from individuals for private individuals | That’s how it’s done!

  Personal loans for private individuals are becoming increasingly popular in Germany. In the Anglo-Saxon area long aisle and Gäbe, come in this country more and more loan seekers on the taste. The advantages are apparent. The loan is not recorded in the Private credit. The interest rates can be defined and even borrowers with […]

Instant loan 3000 Euro – small monthly installment – long term possible

The reasons for an instant loan of 3000 euros can be very different. This can be urgent purchases or a wish fulfillment. The instant loan of 3000 euros equates to a small loan, which does not have a complex test procedure and can therefore be approved with good conditions. Nevertheless, a loan that is not […]

Are processing fees allowed for loans?

 Processing fees for loans are inadmissible. This was decided by the Federal Court of Justice in 2013. Since the banks themselves protect themselves from payment default by checking the loan application, credit institutions are no longer allowed to declare the processing as a service to the customer and thus do not charge him. Anyone who […]

Credit with 900 euros income – appropriate loans for your income

Would you like to take out a loan with 900 Euro income? Are you disappointed with previous credit attempts as requested funds refuse? With information on low-income credit opportunities, we’ll get you on the right track. Maybe the credit crunch is on the wrong credit model, often only the wrong provider is addressed. Credit with […]

What is a consumer loan? Discover here how it works

When you want to acquire a property or a property, most people do not know where to turn, but the truth is that it is simpler than they seem. Throughout this article, our team, the best credit and loan comparison provider in the market, will provide you with the information you need about consumer credit. […]

Find cheap real estate loans

Should one buy now? Interest rates are low, but house prices are high, especially in growing regions such as Munich or Hamburg. Whether the purchase of a house is worthwhile can only be assessed on a case-by-case basis, but it is clear that in view of the high prices buyers will have to find cheap […]

Discover what individual loans are in a simple way

Today there are many people who contact us to make the comparison of individual loans, loans or microloans instantly. This great boom of our comparator is due to the fact that we are leaders in financial aid since we are always available, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, for our clients. As you probably […]

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