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Best & cheapest online loan

 Online credit price comparison

Loans today are a commodity that, like any other, are compared by consumers. The market has become almost confusing, a comparison is hardly possible without help. However, the credit price comparison not only looks at the cost of a loan, but also gives valuable tips on the topic of “loans” and, for example, the question “What must be considered in a loan income ?”.

  • An online loan price comparison lists the cheapest providers and helps with the decision.
  • In addition to the APR, the total cost of the loan is disclosed.
  • The cheapest loan offers not only the lowest interest rates and loan fees, but also the best conditions.

The big loans comparison

The big loans comparison

Which loan is right for me “. With the volume of providers, a credit test is the right solution to see which loan can be rated as the best loan. If you are looking for a loan, you want the best conditions. Analyzing the entire market is hardly possible. Best assistance is offered by a credit price comparison on the Internet.

It takes only three inputs to get an overview of the cheapest providers.

    • In addition to the loan amount, the term and the purpose are still needed.
    • Entering the purpose is not necessarily mandatory, but can lead to savings if the loan is to finance a car. Some banks offer more favorable conditions for a Schufa car loan, since the collateral position by depositing the car letter is much easier.

In comparison, then the providers, listed by the APR, listed. The nominal interest rate is usually given in a range. On the one hand it depends on the loan term, on the other hand on the creditworthiness of the applicant, and there are also loans without credit check.

Who plays a little with the term, will find that it can come at different maturities quite a shift of suppliers. However, interested parties only learn the actual interest when they request their individual offer. The rating of the creditworthiness, and thus the underlying interest rate, borrowers learn only with the offer of the bank. For this reason, it may be useful to submit a request to several banks, as the credit rating is not uniform. 

Price Comparison Credit: A credit winner has a lot to bring

Price Comparison Credit: A credit winner has a lot to bring

A clear advantage of the credit price comparison is the fact that the current test winner can be included in the decision of loan seekers. In a search of the best deals in-house this is usually not recognizable at first glance, because with many different open websites, the overview is lost quite quickly. Different with a direct credit comparison through an online calculator. The winner of the price comparison credit is placed directly in the first place and provided with a link. But the best credit should not only be characterized by good interest rates.

  • The highest valuations can only be achieved with above-average conditions, because every bank wants to attract customers with a low interest rate.

In addition, the test winner also has outstanding cost ratios when processing the loan request.

  • Here is waived on a closing fee and the customer should not be charged with additional charges. Unfortunately, this is not the case with all banks.

In the foreground of a price comparison credit, of course, with the best loan, the customer should always be available and the respective individual situation taken into account. Do you want to repay an installment loan, apply for a student loan, or provide mobile phone financing through a loan ? Every borrower is different, which is why credit institutions that are at the top of the list are characterized by financial flexibility for the consumer. This includes, inter alia, the granting of premature repayment of the loan through free special payments. Another plus is when this is possible at any time. As well as enough money for early replacement can be present, financial bottlenecks are not uncommon. Payment of the monthly rate is then more difficult.

The intended use plays no major role in the credit of Metabank

  • Credit providers can therefore convince with a rate suspension.

However, this does not necessarily have to be the case, because the borrower usually checks before borrowing whether he can pay the monthly installments. It should generally never be too tightly calculated.

The service orientation and customer service are the focus of customer orientation. Banks that can not provide sufficient support for their customers with questions about the offer or are difficult to reach have no chances of winning. In the service, of course, the online presence plays with pure.

  • A structured structure helps the borrowers to orient themselves. In addition, the website is often the first impression consumers get from a financial institution.
  • Transparency regarding the fees and costs of the credit must be a test winner not only on their own website, but also in the final loan agreement. If a borrower does not feel well informed, he will quickly step back from a degree.

Again and again, the subject of premature redemption is the topic of conversation. Metabank offers its customers the option of making special repayments at any time and in any amount – without prepayment penalty or other costs. It goes without saying that the direct bank dispenses with the legally disputed closing fees.

However, as mentioned earlier, the financial situation of clients can also become more difficult and the credit can be a heavy burden on the household budget. The Metabank is characterized by solutions for every need. In this case, consumers should contact the bank directly to find a solution. It is conceivable to increase the loan or the additional credit line to bridge the liquidity shortage. The customer friendliness of the Metabank is therefore confirmed in this point.

That makes the Metabank the best credit:

  • No processing fee
  • Free special redemptions possible at any time
  • Immediate confirmation after a few minutes
  • Long return policy of 30 days
  • Credit increase and loan debt possible
  • Favorable interest rates, regardless of the credit rating
  • Service hotline available 24 hours
  • Credit volumes from 5,000 to 50,000 euros

However, jobseekers, the self-employed or business customers can not benefit from this attractive offer. The requirements at a glance:

  • Residence in Germany
  • Sufficient credit rating
  • Regulated income
  • majority

The Metabank is considered not only because of the fixed price credit and the many other financing offers as a serious provider, but also because of the experience. Customers can seek personal contact with employees via telephone or video call and seek advice. The deposits of the bank speak for themselves: With more than 1.5 billion euros per person, the funds of customers are well secured.

Are loans without Private credit recommended?

Loans without Private credit information enjoy a dubious reputation. This is because they are often forgiven by dubious providers who lend horrendous interest rates and do not act very cautious in debt collection. In addition, a Private credit entry indicates that a borrower has already taken over financially in the past. That this happens again is not unlikely in some cases.

However, in some cases a loan without Private credit can be very sensible and responsible. Private credit entries remain available for several years. It is precisely the youthful sins that can make people long in this way, even though their financial situation and their handling of money have improved considerably. However, they seldom receive a fair loan from normal credit institutions whose terms reflect their current situation.

Those who do not get credit from their bank, even though their credit rating is actually sufficient to guarantee the repayment, get a good alternative with loans without Private credit. However, prospective borrowers should pay special attention to the offers. As before, there are many black sheep among the providers of loans without Private credit who want to exploit the financial hardship of their customers through high fees and exorbitant interest rates.

However, anyone who hopes to receive a loan without Private credit from a reputable provider despite debt and / or low income will be disappointed. Each credit institution checks the creditworthiness of its potential customers and only lends money if the conditions allow repayment. Even if this is not the case, borrowers must expect that the loan will cause them great difficulties in the future. A loan in such circumstances is a loss business that will be accompanied by a lot of pressure and stress and is never worth it.

By contrast, foreign banks, above all from Switzerland, Lichtenstein and Luxembourg, are regarded as reputable. The credit institutions do not have access to the Private credit score and therefore check the creditworthiness of the customer in a different way. As a rule, payroll accounting is used to estimate the risk of default. That is why, for a loan without Private credit, an indefinite employment contract is the most important feature for obtaining a favorable loan. The chances of getting a loan without Private credit are good for reputable providers only if they have the appropriate credit rating. Only around one fifth of all loan applications from Germany are actually granted.

Even intermediaries of Private credit-free loans should definitely be checked for their seriousness. Advance payments and high processing fees suggest that the provider is untrustworthy. In addition, potential borrowers should make sure that the brokerage fee increases the borrowing costs in some cases significantly. In case of doubt, a comparable offer can be found by a German supplier.

A loan without Private credit is therefore far from the panacea that dubious providers promise in their advertising. Those who are already in debt should first consolidate their budgets before thinking of borrowing again. Reputable providers must keep the risk of default as low as possible. This either leads to the rejection of a loan application if the potential customer could not pay the repayment installments, or the interest rate increases with increasing risk. Therefore, caution is needed before loans without Private credit, although in some cases such a loan, which is also called a Swiss loan, can be a sensible alternative.

Avoid mistakes when applying for loan

6. Avoid unnecessary expenses

Even experienced entrepreneurs often do not know how to avoid making credit application errors. Therefore, to increase the chances of success, the following mistakes should be avoided.

1. Make a loan application on time

1. Make a loan application on time

Time pressure should be avoided when making a loan application. In this way, borrowers never succeed in getting the best deal.
In addition, a postponement of the necessary step does not make a good impression on the lender.

2. Credit requirements unknown or too low

The credit requirement is the capital requirement less own use. Especially with new investments, the loan amount can be determined relatively well. However, a certain safety buffer should always be scheduled.

Above all, borrowers should avoid giving the bank a lower amount for fear that they will not approve the actual loan requirement. Every reputable bank checks whether the borrower can actually make the desired loan amount investment. A need that is set too low will therefore in the worst case lead to mistrust on the part of the lender and will considerably reduce the chances for the grant. Even if the bank does not reveal the erroneous bill, a loan that does not meet actual needs is usually worthless to the borrower. A later increase is difficult to achieve.

3. Debt ceiling is ignored

3. Debt ceiling is ignored

The debt cap is the second important measure that helps borrowers calculate their loan amount. Under no circumstances should further loans be raised above this limit.

The calculation is relatively straightforward: The first step is to determine the amount of the net cash flow. He has to be big enough to settle the interest and repayment of all loans without any problems and equals the maximum annual amount that can be used for credit. The annual rate must therefore by no means exceed the net cash flow. It is better to leave a financial leeway to be liquid in times of need and pay off the debts without major problems.

4. Conceal problems

4. Conceal problems

Even though borrowers are rarely comfortable with spreading the financial difficulties to the lender, honesty is one of the most important qualities in order to be recognized by the bank as a serious business partner and to actually be able to make good use of a loan.

Anyone who glosses over his finances can seriously disturb the relationship of trust with the bank and thus, in some circumstances, gamble away the opportunity to obtain a loan. In addition, it is punishable to leave the bank in doubt about the actual financial situation. The bank can even terminate the loan in serious cases even without notice. But even then, borrowers have to expect a change in credit conditions if there is less collateral than originally stated. In addition, financial difficulties can arise in this way, which the borrower can no longer cope with. Honesty helps both parties find a meaningful loan offer.

5. Unprepared appear in the credit conversation

  • Should all important documents be up to date and in an orderly manner.
  • Should all the important terms and previously negotiated framework conditions be clear.
  • Should also comparative offers are available, in order to be able to have a good position negotiations and be able to estimate the offer correctly.

Good preparation not only exudes competence, but also puts the borrower in a better negotiating position. In addition, the processing time of the bank is shortened considerably in this way. To be prepared enough:

6. Avoid unnecessary expenses

The best chances for a loan are those who are economically responsible. This does not only apply to entrepreneurs who should avoid having to raise more money than intended for private purposes. Individuals also increase their chances of getting a loan if they restrain their consumption over a longer period of time. In this way, the equity increases, the financial leeway increases and the bank gets the impression that the borrower can handle money and so is a trusted customer.

7. Give the bank too many securities

7. Give the bank too many securities

Client advisors want to protect the interests of their employer and therefore usually make special efforts to conclude loans with the least possible risk. In individual cases, this can lead to the extent that the borrower has to provide unnecessarily many or valuable collateral. Future debtors would do well not to accept the first offer that the client advisor makes to them. Often, a good negotiation can significantly reduce the number or size of collateral. With good credit, it is even possible to demand a loan without collateral. In any case, a borrower should always have free collateral.

This is important to not only depend on a bank. Anyone who has already surrendered all their free assets to a single bank faces considerable difficulties if they need another loan and the principal bank does not want to grant it. For other lenders, the debtor then also has no chance to get a loan. The only option would then be to completely change the credit institution with all the loans and collateral, which, however, merely postpones the dependency and makes the problem relevant again at a later date. Therefore, borrowers should work with more than one bank from the outset, even if the walk to the well-known client advisor with good experience is very appealing.

However, it is quite possible that credit institutions will release the collateral if their value significantly exceeds the amount of the loan. For this, however, an application is possible, which happens in the best case in good economic times and not when a loan is necessary again.

8. Do not check the fine print

8. Do not check the fine print

Those who do not read the agreements and the bank’s general terms and conditions carefully enough run the risk of violating the conditions. Above all, the obligation to provide information, contained conditions or incorrect use or overdraft of the loan accounts are common mistakes that can damage the trust relationship of the bank and in serious cases can even lead to the termination of the loan.

Special attention should also be paid to the flexibility of repayment. If possible, special repayments should be possible as well as a later maturity extension through lower monthly installments.

What are the types of loans that currently exist?

Are you thinking of applying for a loan of money, but do not know which one to choose? Do you see so many different types that you do not have clear which ones are different and which one is better for you? You should know that there are many customers who have sent us messages asking us what are the differences between the types of loans that are in the market. Sometimes, it can be a bit messy and not clear, so we decided to make this post.

Throughout this article you will discover what are the different types of credits and loans that are in the market, what are their main characteristics and where to find the best results in just a few minutes. Stay tuned to make such an important decision!

What is a loan? And a credit?

Before you begin to classify the types of loans that exist, it is important that you know what the difference between loan and credit is. There are small nuances and peculiarities that you must take into account before taking the next step.

A loan is a financial transaction in which the client receives the money he has requested through the internet, in advance. At that moment of application, the time period and the interest rate were established. Therefore, the client must fulfill the contract and, in turn, can enjoy the money requested.

A credit is an economic transaction that works differently. The financial institution puts a quantity of money at the customer’s disposal. The client decides if he wants to have only part or all of it. Thus, it only pays the interest corresponding to the economic amount of the one it is enjoying and not of its totality if it does not use it.

What are the types of loans?

To this day there are a lot of different types of loans that you can opt for. Although there is not only one classification, there are several. Next, let’s focus on two particular classifications. The first is related to the term of the loan, while the second focuses on the purpose for which the money is used.

According to the time frame

Depending on the maturity term chosen to return the money and the interest rate, they can be classified in one type or another.

  • Short-term loans. They are the most common. All companies that work through our comparator have this type of expiration. It consists of returning the amount that is enjoyed in less than a year, usually 30 or 45 days.
  • Medium term loans. They are more flexible and the economic amount is usually greater, as well as their commissions. The period of time ranges from one to three years, so you can choose when it is best for you.
  • Long-term loans. This type of loan is usually approved by banks when they lend a very high amount of money for a business or a home. Your return period is greater than three years, subject to split payments in most cases.

According to the purpose with which you get

This is the most known and used classification, so we will detail each of the types you will find in this category individually.


Personal loans can be requested through our comparator. They are the most demanded since they focus on financing breakdowns, unexpected situations, weddings, vacations, gifts. That is, they are very specific economic amounts that are only needed at a specific moment and can be settled quickly.


This type of economic loans is also very requested, since it focuses on buying a good, such as a car, a household appliance or similar. The amount of money is also usually small, so the return period is also small.


It is a type of personalized loan aimed at students to help them start or finish their studies. Many times they find themselves in difficult situations and there is no one to give them a hand. In addition, we must bear in mind that grants and subsidies are becoming stricter, which is why it is a great help.


In addition to a personal guarantee, these loans are characterized by having a real estate guarantee. Normally they are made with homes. When a person wants to get a flat or a house, what he does is to ask for a loan from the bank since the economic amount is very high. If the person can not take care of it, the financial institution will keep the property, even if there is only one month left to pay.

Other types


Other types of loans you can find are the following:

  • Mini-loans or mini-loans. They are very small amounts of money to cope with small incidentals or unexpected situations such as a wedding or a weekend getaway.
  • Business loans. They are loans designed solely for companies, with the aim of paying off any pending account or moving forward.

Once you know all the types of loans that are in the market, you can decide which one convinces you the most. Of course, we recommend that you first make a quick comparison with our website and choose the best option adapted to you.

Can a loan agency be worthwhile?

Many consumers have difficulty getting a suitable and cheap credit. Especially if the credit rating is poor, the chances of the credit application being approved fall. In such cases, credit agencies can save those affected a lot of frustration and can also find a quick fix.

Credit intermediaries work with multiple banks. They know the requirements of the individual banks and the conditions that are agreed on a case-by-case basis. That is why they offer the following advantages:

  • Fast processing
  • Greater chances of success
  • Mistakes can be avoided.
  • By negotiating skills better conditions

In addition, they are able to advise customers on which loan amount and maturity makes sense. Reputable credit brokers respond to the borrowers’ situation and create helpful financing plans that ensure the most cost-effective and safe repayment possible

The biggest disadvantage is, however, that the borrowing costs increase through the agency fee. In individual cases, however, the appointment of a reputable credit intermediary nevertheless makes the credit overall more favorable.

Although credit intermediaries can still obtain credit approval in many cases, they are not a panacea. Those who are unworthy of credit due to their financial situation can not conclude a contract with an intermediary. Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to go to such a consultant, especially in critical situations. If the broker is reputable, he can judge by his experience whether it is possible for the borrower to get a loan at all. Even if he does not succeed in brokering, this saves the prospective a lot of time and frustration.

Beware of dubious providers

Beware of dubious providers

Anyone who wants to hire a credit intermediary, should be careful in spite of the benefits of his choice. Some credit intermediaries work with dubious lenders and require fees even before a loan application. Borrowers should never get involved in advance payments.


Professional loan. For 34 years we have been selecting the best pro credit!

PROFESSIONALS GATHER YOUR CREDITS: Pro financing with our partners.

credit media has signed agreements for you the best brands of professional loan and their solutions to meet the needs, difficulties and profiles of the most diverse. Our banking partners will know how to treat your request as quickly as possible and under the best conditions.

Who is credit media Pro?

credit media is a company agent of banks specialized in the restructuring of credits of the individuals and the professionals respecting the legal obligations. 

For more than thirty years, credit media has become the financing specialist for companies and their managers (SCI, current accounts,…).
Your need for cash, your social and tax debts are a problem?

We have banking mandates for a wide range of banking solutions on the market, thus answering the most specific issues.
We put in place the most appropriate set up for the company as well as for the manager’s assets.

Whether you need to buy your commercial walls, create or take over a business, invest in the development of your business, professional loan specialists, working with a wide range of banking partners or actors of crowdfunding, help you structure your project and find the optimal formula within a controlled timeframe.

Here is clearly what we offer for your purchase of professional credits:

Here is clearly what we offer for your purchase of professional credits:

• We want a contact by phone or internet quickly, to understand your wishes and the details of your situation, even difficult.

• You will then receive an admissibility (or refusal) with your new monthly fee all expenses included in the hour, as well as login and password to scan us easily your documents.

• You will accept or not to return the credit offer you will receive very quickly (directly from the bank), we will have chosen it together as being the most interesting for you.

• The offer of credit in hand is valid between 1 and 2 months, at this stage you are not engaged, you have the solution under the elbow, free, and by returning it signed for agreement to the bank your loans will be immediately refunded. After this period, the offer will be automatically canceled, without any cost.

• You do not change banks. It is the chosen bank that will refund your credits. The monthly payments will be deducted from your usual account. Your information and proof will only be sent to our partner banks ( we do not sell them as the “comparators” do ). No money will go through us.

Maximum duration: 12 years for the tenants / Even if rejections of levies, delay of taxes, various debts,…
Maximum duration: 15 years for the owners, without mortgage.
Amount lent: up to 100.000 € for tenants, 200.000 € without mortgage for owners, 400.000 € with a deposit for the owners and beyond with a mortgage.
Treasury: with or without proof (following file)
From 18 to 95 years old age limit of end of credit.

You have a withdrawal period of 14 days following the signing of your contract to renounce your credit. The lower monthly payment leads to the lengthening of the repayment period. It must be assessed in relation to the remaining duration to be covered by the loans that are the subject of the combination. A credit commits you and must be repaid. Check your repayment capacity before you commit.

No payment of any kind whatsoever may be required of an individual before obtaining one or more loans of money, in accordance with the law L321-2 of the Consumer Code.

Who is our comparative offer for?

Whatever your status, merchant, craftsman, liberal profession, leader of TPE / SME or business creator, our comparator will help you find the best solution for refinancing. You will immediately know the admissibility of your project, you will be accompanied in the constitution of your file of financing and in the choice of the partner corresponding best to your project. Our analysts will then accompany you until the implementation of the financing.

Why choose credit mediaPro for your professional project?

In a single step and by securing your information and personal and confidential credentials to obtain your financing, you simplify the process by benefiting from competitive conditions.

Using credit mediaPro services allows you to:

Save time: the search for funding is indeed time-consuming, since the constitution of the file until the signing of the credit agreement, our comparator simplifies the task

Benefit from support and expertise: presenting banks with a professional financing file requires a real know-how in the constitution of the file

Have the choice of financing solutions: according to the details of your project, we present your file to the best financial partner.

Even if your project seems non-financeable to us, we are committed to providing you with a sincere and quick response. In any case, it’s as much time, energy and resources that you can fully devote to your job.

Some advantages of online banking to request a personal loan

As we move forward in our journey through the 21st century, the more distant seem the times when going to a bank to apply for a loan was the only option. Online banking increasingly eats more ground for traditional banking in terms of loans. And the trend promises to continue growing in favor of online banking. Why this boom of online financial institutions? What is your secret? In this article we will decipher some of the advantages of requesting a personal credit through Internet through one of these entities.

Online banking, increasingly used

After the global crisis that began in 2008, distrust in traditional banking entities became widespread. Four years later, in 2012, online banking was already beginning to overtax traditional banking. In a survey conducted, it was noted that 40% of Internet users had already turned to an online entity to request a personal loan. However, there was a 24% of regular Internet users who still had some distrust towards any operation that supposed to leave the personal data online, even more if it was the bank account’s own data.

That distrust in economic operations through Internet, was decreasing sharply. There are fewer and fewer people who do not trust this type of online operations. Today, only 5% of Internet users declare that they prefer not to perform any operation on the Internet or leave their personal data on any web page. This has exponentially increased loan applications through the Internet. And that trend will continue, without a doubt, growing. And more and more and faster.

10 advantages of online banking

Some of the advantages offered by online banking when requesting an online loan are:

  • Agility of negotiations: the ease with which the loan is requested and the agility of procedures in the processing thereof. No paperwork, no excessive questions. Just filling a small form you can access the loan from your online banking.
  • Speed ​​in obtaining the loan: loans are granted in record time, sometimes in less than 15 minutes. Something unthinkable in any bank loan. Online banking always makes it easy for you.
  • Convenience: you do not need to move to any bank or have to queue at the bank itself. Just by having a device with an Internet connection, you can request your loan from anywhere you are.
  • There is no limitation of schedules: sometimes, we need a loan online and we can not go to the bank since it only opens when we are working. With online banking you ensure you can access a loan at any time and time of day.
  • Uncomplicated financial product: personal loans online are a very simple product for anyone to understand, have the financial knowledge you have. It is simplified precisely for that reason, so that everyone can understand them.
  • Transparent financial product: personal loans are a clear financial product, without deceptive clauses or small print. The client knows what he is hiring at all times.
  • Flexibility in the conditions: the good thing about online banking is that it does not impose its conditions on you, but you are the one who chooses the terms of the express loan as best suits you and according to your needs.
  • It does not involve you in the long term: an ideal financial product for small problems, for unforeseen expenses or debts to pay urgently. In this way, you can solve those specific economic problems without interfering in more serious ones.
  • Few requirements: the requirements that online banking requires to grant their loans are usually very basic. They are accessible loans for practically all people, quite the opposite of bank loans.
  • Trusting relationship: straight to the point above, online banking offers these loans with few requirements as they base the customer relationship on trust, so you can access these online loans even if you have work, you have debts or not find an endorsement

Find your personal loan 

Online banks have brought new and effective forms of financing, and increasingly have more followers. But since we want to make it even easier for you. We have an online credit comparison with which you can benefit from the best financing, besides not losing practically time in finding your ideal loan.

Thanks to online personal loan comparison, you can get the loan of the money that interests you most and the one that best suits you. At a very quick glance, we will show you a loan filter according to your needs, being able to observe all the conditions and other details of each loan. Test it!

Car finance: cash purchase, loan from the car dealer or leasing?

When it comes to car financing, there are three options in particular:

Who wants to buy a new vehicle, is often faced with the choice of how he should finance it. As a basic options are cash purchase, a vehicle loan or leasing available. All variants have different advantages and disadvantages:

Leasing a vehicle

Lease is a special kind of rent. When the contract expires, it is often possible to purchase the vehicle. Mandatory this is not. From a business perspective, a leasing contract is therefore very similar to balloon financing towards the end. If the car to own ownership, the residual value must be paid, which is set at the beginning of the contract and may be above the actual value of the vehicle.

At the beginning there are different possibilities. Meanwhile leasing without deposit is also possible for private persons. However, so the monthly costs increase and the duration of the contract can extend. Basically, it is recommended to invest one fifth of the vehicle value as a down payment.

Features Leasing:

  • Damage during the contract period must be repaired in a workshop. Comprehensive insurance is therefore almost inevitable.
  • For entrepreneurs, leasing rates are tax deductible, not for individuals.
  • Allows to regularly drive current vehicle models.
  • The leasing of a car is usually only possible if the vehicle is either as new or a maximum of one year old. Older used cars can be financed almost exclusively via the cash purchase or a vehicle loan.
  • The term of the lease can not be flexibly designed or extended.
  • A premature termination of the contract is not possible. In individual cases a replacement by a third party is possible.
  • Uncomplicated return of the vehicle possible and planned.
  • Fixed rates during the financing offer a high degree of planning security.

The car loan

The car loan

Vehicle loans are among the most common loans for individuals in Germany. The fewest interested parties can raise the full sum in a cash purchase. That’s why most car dealerships work with banks or even operate their own house banks, which make the financing of a vehicle less complicated.

When it comes to car financing, there are three options in particular:

  • Balloon financing: When buying a vehicle, only a small or even no deposit is required. Afterwards, buyers pay comparatively low rates. At the end of the contract period, however, a final payment is due, which may amount to around half of the vehicle value. Balloon financing is very similar to leasing. The advantage is that there is hardly any equity available. However, to pay the balance can mean a significant financial burden that the car buyer must prepare for.
  • When paying in installments, the car buyer pays a fixed monthly amount. It offers the most payment security, but the terms are very long or the monthly load quite large. A deposit at the beginning of the contract is therefore always recommended and sometimes even mandatory.
  • 3-way financing: The 3-way financing is similar to the balloon financing and is sometimes even equated with it. The essential difference, however, is found at the end of the contract. The buyer is given the opportunity to purchase the vehicle at a final installment, complete follow-up financing, or return the car.

Features vehicle loan

Features vehicle loan

  • In the vehicle loan, the car is purchased in contrast to the lease.
  • The financing of a used car is easily possible, regardless of the residual value and age of the vehicle.
  • The term can be made flexible. An extension is straightforward in the case of installment payments in most cases.
  • The borrower has acquired ownership rights to the car and can easily sell the vehicle before the expiration of the contract.
  • Also, the maintenance and service is the sole responsibility of the owner. However, a poor condition in either 3-way financing or balloon financing can be detrimental to the residual value of the car. Upon return of the vehicle, the buyer would have to pay for the difference.
  • A return of the car is usually possible. However, the seller is not obliged to do so. Before the end of the contract period, however, the car is being taken back by many providers at market value.

The cash payment

The cash payment

Anyone who can take out an independent loan or even raise the full vehicle price themselves has a significant bargaining advantage.

Features cash payment

  • Although the interest of the dealer credit is lower than that of the house bank, but by extras and discounts a price advantage can be achieved. With loans by the car dealer, however, so much accommodation is hardly possible. He has already made concessions through the favorable financing, so that the seller is in a much worse position.
  • The dealer credits are also often tied to certain versions that do not allow special requests.
  • An independent vehicle loan is more flexible and offers the opportunity to individually negotiate special repayments and final installments.
  • If there is sufficient untied capital, it is also worthwhile to compare the possible investment rates with the lending rates. Under certain circumstances, a car loan through loans is still recommended.


Anyone who really wants to buy a car is best off with a car loan. The car is so permanently in the possession of the buyer and the rates are not “lost” as in leasing without subsequent purchase, but lead to added value. Especially for buyers who want to drive the car for a long time, this is the best choice.

On the other hand, anyone who puts more emphasis on regularly driving current models and selling their vehicle after a few years anyway is better off with leasing or 3-way financing. Even people who do not yet know whether they really want to buy the vehicle at the end of the term can choose this alternative.

Loans from individuals for private individuals | That’s how it’s done!

 Loans from private individuals for private individuals

Personal loans for private individuals are becoming increasingly popular in Germany. In the Anglo-Saxon area long aisle and Gäbe, come in this country more and more loan seekers on the taste. The advantages are apparent. The loan is not recorded in the Private credit. The interest rates can be defined and even borrowers with weak credit ratings find here lenders.

  • Private loans for private individuals offer better options than traditional bank loans.
  • On the platforms, supply and demand determine the conclusion of the contract.
  • Surveillance is carried out by a trustee or a bank.

Personal loans for private individuals are now easily granted via the Internet. In German-speaking countries, there are now some large providers who work very seriously and reliably. Especially the digital age makes it so easy to invest both his money in personal loans, but also in return to obtain loans from private individuals – and completely anonymous. At best, it is a win-win-win situation: for the borrower, the investor and the credit platform. In this article, we will introduce you to the concept of “Private Loan”, show who benefits most, and explain the benefits, disadvantages and risks that exist for you as a borrower. Furthermore, we have the two largest providers trucredit and creditend scrutinized and show you who and why our favorite.

There are several stages of self-expression. Of course, the more extensive it is, the greater the chances of finding sponsors. Applicants with weak Private credit still have a good chance of receiving an instant loan from their private home.

The risk determines the interest rate. If an investor is willing to pay for an above-average return on a loan seeker with a poor credit rating, both win.

However, while creditend insists on a salary statement , the borrowers at trucredit are not forced to submit it . Of course, the likelihood of finding a financier under these circumstances is much lower than that of course. trucredit also expressly refers to this fact.

Starting at creditend is possible from a proven income of 1,000 euros per month, regardless of whether you are employed or self-employed. Thus, the platform also lends itself to the application for a loan for low-income earners .

Minimum credit standards still required

Minimum credit standards still required

Even though people with poor credit ratings are more likely to lend, there are still some minimum requirements to be met . Even with a loan from private to private, investors are keen to receive their capital. Thus, a Private credit request is also carried out at trucredit or creditend. If there are hard negative features such as “bankruptcy”, “affidavit”, “credit in liquidation” or the like, then there is no chance of a loan here. In such a case it is generally very difficult to obtain a loan, if not impossible. Softer negative features, such as a mobile phone bill that was not paid months or years ago – which has meanwhile done itself – does not lead to credit rejection. However, such factors will push up the interest rate.

There must also be an income. For how else is the loan to be repaid? Where this comes from is subordinate: whether salary, salary, pension or rental income, etc. It is important that it is sufficient to cover all current expenses plus the planned loan installment.

Anyone who can not or does not want to earn an income has almost no chance. As a borrower, it is always advantageous to take the investor’s other perspective: Would I lend money to someone I do not know if he has an income or not?

On the other hand, this also allows people with a relatively low income to finance the loan privately . Even self-employed people can thus benefit from lending. Freelancers and the self-employed fall through the “grid” in many banks, that is: they do not receive a loan. Even people who start their business just now and need the necessary start-up capital, have with trucredit the ideal point of contact in terms of financing.

With the credit comparison of creditend you can find the best credit without proof of income.

But if you have a very good credit rating, you should first make a classic credit comparison . Often the conditions are even better than in a credit marketplace, as the competition among the banks is very large. Unless one does not want to get the loan entered in the Private credit file. Then again, trucredit is the better way.