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Find cheap real estate loans

Should one buy now? Interest rates are low, but house prices are high, especially in growing regions such as Munich or Hamburg. Whether the purchase of a house is worthwhile can only be assessed on a case-by-case basis, but it is clear that in view of the high prices buyers will have to find cheap real estate loans.

What should be considered in a favorable real estate loan, you will find in our guide to the topic of cheap real estate loans.

Installment loans or employer loans such as equity can also be treated. First of all, the proceeds of a foreclosure sale will be used to pay the mortgage-backed real estate loans. The fact that interest rates are usually particularly favorable from exactly 40 percent equity capital also depends on the fact that banks can then use them to create Pfandbriefe. Pfandbriefe are bonds that are collateralised in the event of bankruptcy, for example real estate. Under German law, however, only 60 percent of the value may be borrowed. Level of interest depending on equity using the example of ING-DiBa.

The amount of interest depending on equity using the example of Metabank when buying a house of 500,000 euros and a fixed interest rate of ten years. If 50 percent is financed through equity, the annual percentage rate is 1.46 percent. If the equity ratio is 20 percent, ie 100,000 euros, then the annual percentage rate is 1.56 percent.

However, using the example of a real estate loan from Metabank, the interest rate comparison shows that the higher the equity ratio, the higher the interest rate. But this is only indirectly related to the equity ratio. The main reason is that as the equity ratio increases, the home loan price will decrease. This in turn makes the credit for the bank unattractive, because the administrative burden is similar to a loan over 50,000 euros as in a over 250,000 euros. But since banks are no longer allowed to charge processing fees when concluding credit agreements, interest rates are often higher for small loan amounts. For amounts below 50,000 euros, the Frankfurt direct bank even refers its customers to the residential loan, in which no mortgage is registered.

The choice of fixed interest rates should depend mainly on two factors, namely

  1. the expectation about interest rates in the future and
  2. your own security needs.

Now compare directly to the loan comparison

Now compare directly to the loan comparison

Borrowers should know the following:

  • How important are special repayments for me?
  • How long should the terms be?
  • How much equity do I bring?

Concerns should buyers also that in addition to the purchase price still costs for the notary, land register entries and the home furnishings incurred.

Discover what individual loans are in a simple way

Today there are many people who contact us to make the comparison of individual loans, loans or microloans instantly. This great boom of our comparator is due to the fact that we are leaders in financial aid since we are always available, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, for our clients.

As you probably have already heard, if you are on our website, you will know that we are a totally safe company, with the best features and that you like to be clear with your users. For that reason, before you decide what you are going to compare in the first place, we are going to tell you in detail what the individual loans consist of.

What are individual loans?

Individual loans are economic transactions between two parties. One, the one that leaves the amount of money, is usually a person or a company, private or public, while the other party is a private individual or a businessman who needs or wants that benefit.

The situations to apply for individual loans are usually very varied and different from each other. You can meet people who need a quick loan, because they have received a fine from the car, the crane has taken it, the boiler in the home has been damaged, or a pipe broken. We also find those who need urgent money for having several debts accumulated, for the non-payment of bills or because they are about to enter a list of defaulters.

Although, it is true, there are clients who are at the opposite pole. They are great workers, who have spent a lot of years quoting and who have never been able to enjoy a moment of relaxation. For this reason, they contact us requesting a comparison of online loans. As we have said before, we are the best comparative company in all of Mexico. Our team works 24 hours to be always available to all customers. In this way, we also provide a super efficient and attentive service, counting on the best opinions of our users.

How to request and compare individual loans?

Individual loans work much more easily than you think, especially if you apply online. The first step you have to do is to enter our website, at Once this is done, just click on the “click and compare” button and we will quickly compare the best immediate loans in the market.

In the third step you will have to wait a few seconds for our platform to automatically compare those loans and credits that are better. Then, you will see on screen what are the available individual loans and you will choose freely which one of them convinces you the most.

You will not have to waste time comparing, doing paperwork, paperwork or waiting for long lines. They works for you, so it shows you what are the best options for you to click the “get money” button and, automatically, you will be directed to the web of that credit or immediate loan.

With which credit companies do we work?

At us we like to work with the best credit and loan companies, so we always ensure the best for our clients. The companies we have are currently three. Why three and no more? Because they are the ones that fulfill the requirements that we ask in this type of financial entities: security, transparency and trust.


Vivus is a super important company in Mexico, with high experience in other European countries. It is able to offer up to $ 6,000, with a return period that varies between 7 and 30 days.


Kueski is a very interesting web portal, focused on fast and online microcredits. With them you can request up to 2,000 dollars, providing a response in 10 minutes.


This platform is an initiative of the company Credicohete, providing service to the entire country of Mexico. Like the previous one, it focuses on the processing of mini-credits, establishing a return period of 29 days.

What are the alternatives to individual loans?

There are several alternatives to individual loans, so you do not have to stick with it if it does not convince you. Next, we will explain what are the most requested options by our customers.

Immediate loans

Immediate loans are benefits that you can enjoy in less than 24 hours. And, if that were not enough, if you request them from Monday to Friday at an early hour, you can have them available in your account during noon. They are a great option before emergencies.

Loans without bureaus

If you are on a list of defaulters, you do not have to worry about it either. In us you can make a quick comparison of the best loans and credits and, we are sure you will find the one that adapts to your circumstances.

Personal loans

Personal loans are tailored to each person. At us we know that every individual is unique, so their situation also. With us you will find the credit you need with the best interest rate in the market.

So, if you are thinking of applying for an individual loan, compare YA, all the credits available in the market! In a few seconds we will give you the best option available.